Friday, November 20, 2009

Webber baby

Finally, some pictures of the presents I was working on for Pete and Erinn's new bundle of joy, Nolan. Pete was an old lab mate of mine who graduated a year and a half ago and is now working in Houston.
First up, some onesies. I found some really cute iron-ons at Joann's. I am not sure how long they will stay intact since babies can be pretty messy and these will have to survive rigorous washing and drying. I think next time I will try something a la Lisa.

There were two with a little tie (my favorite one) and another of a little boy with a baseball glove and ball. (Pete was captain of our softball team, and Nolan's name made me think of Nolan Ryan. Pete got this reference once they opened it.) But of course my battery in my camera had died and I had left my charger at school. I had to rush to take these pics and those of the burping cloths and blankets before it died. The Webber's have a puggle, Milo, and Erinn loved the blaming it on the dog onesie most.

Next up, burping cloths.

All out and open

These guys are easy, or at least they should be. I don't know if it was the type of cloths I got (Gerber) but the cloth itself was really thin, and since I had to re-size them to fit the strips of cloth I had cut, it got to be more challenging and time consuming. Lesson learned: don't follow the tutorial right off, measure the burping cloth to get the right dimensions of fabric to be cut. I used the tutorial over at A Chelsea Morning.

I liked her presentation too, so I mimicked it. I think it came out cute! I made 8 cloths for them.

Then come the receiving blankets. I just took a yard of soft flannel and sewed the folded edges to make a nice, finished, ridged, edge. Then crocheted a border around it. I did the first two bordered in white first. This was also time consuming. The yarn is thick and cottony, so there was a lot of friction in trying to crochet through and around the edge of fabric, and to keep the yarn from pulling too tightly causing the edge to fold. I almost had to force myself to finish them. Once I got to the the blue one, it was much easier. This yarn is an acrylic blend, and it slid right through. Plus I thought this made the prettiest blanket so it was my favorite to look at and work on. Ryan picked out the green, athletic print. He thought my fabric needed more of a "male touch". Pete also liked that one.

Just to get an idea of the full size, I pinned it up above. Sorry for the bad lighting. It was early morning before the drive to Houston and I was rushing. Anyhow, they really liked the gifts and Pete told me at the conference the next day that Nolan slept with the blue blanket that night.
Congrats on your new addition Pete and Erinn!!

The happy parents

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