Friday, November 20, 2009

I love this lady

October 30th marked my Aunt Kristin's birthday. She lives in New Mexico, but was able to fly out to California and spend time with the family. She's my dad's sister, and they had a gathering for her at my parent's house. Uncle Brian and some of the San Diego crew also came up to celebrate with them. I was bummed I couldn't be there myself, but I sent something in my stead.

Ta da.

Flapper hat made of organic bamboo silk in khaki and cream. Silk organza ribbon in chocolate. Big, flouncy flower in eggplant and cream mohair with a brown leather button.

I'm quite proud of this one. I had seen this hat pattern while searching around a LONG time ago and when I saw it I totally thought of Aunt K. Once I had the yarn for it, I crocheted it up in one sitting. Super easy! But then it looked very plain by itself and I knew styling it would be the most challenging part. I liked the idea of a ribbon since the originator tied a ribbon around hers, but it wasn't secured in any way. I thought sewing the ribbon on would be best, but then this also presented a challenge in that there would be no flexibility with the crochet cap. So, I just did little knots here and there, separated by about a half inch to keep the ribbon in place but not so tight. (I pinned it to the hat previously sizing it to my head since my head is on the larger side and I was worried about the ribbon making the hat too small). I should have taken a picture of the hat with just the ribbon because it looks nice without the flower as well.

The flower is a removable pin. So if she wants to attach it to a different hat or a purse she has the freedom to do so. I thought the purple, cream and brown went well together and made it all look more cohesive and finished.

(sorry for the awkward model and chopping off of the top of her head!) =P it's hard to take good pictures of oneself, while at work, without getting caught by anyone else.

Anyhoo, it looks much better on the person it was intended for:

photo courtesy of my sister, Ingrid, who snapped this just after Aunt K tried it on
as I'm talking to her on speaker phone

Happy Birthday Aunt K... I love you!

I've already got requests more requests for this hat. =) I'd say it was a hit.


Kara said...

Can you tell me where you got the pattern for the flower. I love yours and tried a couple other patterns I found online and did not like them. Thank you!

Vanessa Monet said...

Hi Kara,

I am glad you like it! I used the pattern for flower B: I didn't follow the pattern exactly, if I remember correctly I made my petals a little wider, but that is what I used for the basic shape.

Happy hooking!