Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Hello. Where have I been? I don't even know myself. The last few weeks have been a whirlwind, and I am trying to get myself settled again.
I've finally gotten the pictures of the baby kitty I rescued one night in a parking lot, about a month ago now (sheesh!). He is so cute, friendly and is getting along well with the other two cats. I don't really know what I am going to do with him. Being the animal lover I am, I would love to keep him, but I don't think that is the most practical thing to do at this point. The boys are crazy, get into everything and manage to make a mess. Ramses and Baby (that's his name, at least for now) are the perfect buddies, and it will probably break Ramses' little heart if I took Baby away. Also since then, I have started putting Ramses outside during the day because it is just too much for me to have to deal with and clean up after three cats cooped up in an apartment all day. And since he is the biggest and most rambunctious, nature gets to deal with him. Whenever I bring Ramses in at night, Baby follows him around everywhere, crying and rubbing up against him and always purring. I don't think I could separate them.
I can't tell you the general havoc having 1 crazy, hyper kitten, 1 unusually large male who thinks he is still a kitten and has all-encompassing control over everything he can set his eyes on (Ramses), and 1 moody lady-kitty (Tesia) in my apartment has caused. Tesia, as it turns out, has a nervous condition, and when she gets stressed out she begins to scratch herself. She scratched the heck out of her poor neck, and when it started to heal and itch, she'd scratch even more. Quite a vicious cycle. Anyhow, it took me a while to figure out what was wrong with her. I knew it couldn't be fleas because she never goes outside. Also, no food allergies because she has been on this food for a while and has had no issues with it. Conclusion? I think the girl has abandonment issues (I rescued her from the shelter) and maybe having baby around was making her doubt her place in my life. He just stressed her out. Fix? "Spa treatment" which included lockdown in the bathroom with me spraying her and cleaning her wounds, 3x daily treatments with calamine lotion for the itch, and a pedi: clipping and filing down her claws. Finally, I tied a pretty little scarf around her neck. Since then, her neck is all healed, she has re-established her place as queen of my bed and is back to begging for scratches and kisses in the mornings. I'm glad to have my Tesie back. Now though, all the kitties get along pretty well together.

Baby conked out and tired

On another occasion he worked his way under this blanket

Ramses being a good big brother and giving Baby a cleaning

Aren't I a good kitty Mom?

Ramses being a bad kitty and chewing mom's earphones.

Baby learning from Ramses and getting into things

More curious cat behavior

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