Thursday, October 1, 2009

Way Late

I haven't uploaded pictures since my birthday, so I wanted to show off my pretty birthday dinner. My mom loves sushi, so when she sees this, hopefully she'll have even more incentive to come to Austin to see me. Then we can get sushi together! She can also see my not-so-new-anymore apt, meet Ramses and see Ryan's snakes. Since I usually go home, she has not seen these new additions to my life.
Anyhow, back to the yummies. Perhaps this is a mistake posting this RIGHT NOW, because I just got out of teaching class (6-9 pm-er...grrr) and I while I just snacked on a zebra cookie, I am starving because I haven't had anything to eat since lunch.
Ok...on to my birthday dinner. It's a lot. But we knew we were having sushi, which is always a special treat for us, so we made sure we had lots of room! We went to Musashino here in Austin.

South Sider - Habanero caviar, mint lead, avocado and red sweet radish, wrapped in rice paper, drizzled with sweet and hot chile oil. Your choice of unagi or yellowtail. We had yellowtail. This is one of my favorite rolls.

Trying to be discreet here so no can see how dark it is inside. It lends to a very private atmosphere.

Another view, with the flash. Their presentation is always very nice, and those jalapenos are a must!

Ozzy II (far side) - Unagi, yellowtail, and avocado with sesame seeds and smelt caviar on the outside. Rainbow Roll - California roll with tuna, fresh salmon, shrimp, avocado, and white fish on the outside

Ryan's favorite - Salmon skin roll. Crunchy toasted salmon skin, cucumber, and scallion with dried bonito flakes on the outside.

Side view. It's got a great smoky flavor.

Rock and Roll - Jumbo shrimp tempura, smelt caviar, avocado, radish sprouts, and sweet sauce

Next up...sashimi.

Unagi (fresh-water eel) - nearest
Nama sake (salmon) - far

Saba (mackeral) with ginger - Dad, I bet you'd like this!


Mango sorbet - so refreshing. I love mango.

Hmmmm....looking back now, I'm kind of embarrassed that we ate all of that. I was so stuffed, and wishing for an elastic waistband when we were all done. But afterall it WAS my birthday, you only have one a year, and it was sooooo good.

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