Saturday, October 3, 2009


Last night I watched the movie "Earth" by Disneynature. WOW. This movie was so good. I recommend it. Go get it and watch it this weekend. The filmography is amazing. And with all Disney movies (or at least in my opinion) so is the music. James Earl Jones narrates the movie, such a classic voice. I cannot picture anyone better doing it.
You just have to wonder as you're watching this, how they are getting some of the shots they do, because it is absolutely breathtaking. There are some sad parts (I cried) but there are also some funny ones. It's all the circle of life. It's beautiful, it's real, and it's captivating. . . which I'm sure is the whole point of creation. God is awesome. His creativity is mind-blowing.

They follow some humpback whales

Life in Africa and a family of elephants. These monkeys were funny to watch.

And the polar bears. Uh-oh, I'm getting misty-eyed again.
Such beautiful creatures.

After seeing this movie, I really want to be a better citizen and steward of this planet. I think it will touch you the same way too.

Earth Day 2010, they are coming out with their newest nature film...Oceans. It looks AWESOME.

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