Friday, July 10, 2009

Heading into the weekend

Wow, time sure has flown by since I last posted. A lot has happened since then...

Ryan's birthday.
I made german chocolate (his favorite) cupcakes and Coco's Cinnamon Chocolate-Chip Sour Cream Cake for people at the lab to enjoy with their morning coffee. I wasn't sure what they would think of the coffee cake, but it was a huge hit and was gone before the cupcakes. Definitely tasty. If you do try to make this cake (which I recommend you do) just watch that when you poke it to make sure it is through cooking, that you do not mistake the gooey sugar/cinnamon mixture or choc. chip for batter. My cake was a little darker than I would have liked, but it was still moist and gone by midday. Just fyi peeps. =)
We celebrated by going to sushi at his favorite restaurant, Musashino.
His favorites are unagi (fresh water eel), sake (salmon) and saba (mackerel) a la carte, and a roll they have with salmon skin. He loves the smokey when I go to Oregon next month I need to make sure I get him a box of smoked salmon!
I also surprised him with tickets to the Rise Against/ Rancid show at Stubb's BBQ (we saw Ben Folds there earlier this year) coming up later this month.

This is a picture I found online of the stage so you can see that the shows are pretty intimate. It is a very small venue, so you're up pretty close to the band. I (of course) forgot my camera when we saw BF there, but we were much closer than whoever snapped this pic at a show. There is a slight grade where the audience stands, and of course it helps that we are both really tall. I can see over most people's heads and he, being 6'5" is a head taller than anyone else there. Anyhow, we both really love Stubb's to see shows.
I bought those tickets at least a month before his birthday, right after he offhandedly mentioned he would rather see these guys than Tool (his favorite band) who are also playing in San Antonio. I had the money then, so I got the tickets and I knew he would be so excited about it... it was so hard to keep it a secret. But I did, and he was thoroughly surprised.

Fourth of July.
Spent not in the lab. Laid out by the pool. Met up with Ryan, got a snowcone, saw Transformers at the Alamo drafthouse and then went to see the fireworks on Lady Bird Lake. It was perfect.

Getting back into my routine.
I finally rode my back into work again this week. The weather actually permitted that I would not pass out from heat stroke along the way. But I totally surprised myself. I thought my ride home yesterday would be painful....but I was feeling it, in a good way. I rode in high gears all the way back, even up this wretchedly long hill towards the end of my ride. Usually I am in like 1, 3 at the hardest part, and last night I did it in 2, 4. (those are the gears: front, back) Oh, but I was suprised this morning too. I couldn't move out of bed. I think part of this is due to the fact that I swam laps for an hour yesterday too, but once I got moving this morning I was all good.

Finished another project.
Well, mostly. I need to do a couple final touches, like weaving in ends. And I will not be able to post pics until I get this sent out to the recipient and they receive it.

Fun weekend planned.
Team America (the American students in our lab) has decided to do lunch tomorrow. This will include grilling and emptying refridgerator contents of beer ( at an unnamed location, that two of us have access to). =) The guys will take care of the beer, and I will make something yummy. Perhaps my pasta salad and a delicious dessert to go with the burgers and brats Ryan has planned. I am sure Coco over at Roost has a great recipe for this occasion. Then, we are all going over to Jason's to watch the UFC fight on his big screen.
Sunday I need to get that project ready for send-off and will lazily spend my afternoon reading a book as I lay on my floaty raft and get myself a couple shades darker. Oh, I am SO GOOD at multitasking.

I have a new cousin on the way!
Oom Vince, my mom's baby brother, just found out he is going to be a daddy! He and his new fiance are six weeks along. I am soooo happy for them. With 18 older cousins, most of them girls, I can already safely say that this baby is going to be super spoiled. I hope he has a little boy, who he can take hunting and throw football's with (he was a big fball player in h.s.) and do all that guy stuff with. A little girl would so cute too....oh she'd be such a daddy's little girl! I can't wait to find out. =)

Ok, well I wish I had more pics. I have come to not like posting without's always nice to have something to look at! I really need to be better about using my camera. I'll try to do better, I promise.

Happy weekend everyone!

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CoCo said...

Im so glad the cake turned out great! It's a staple in our home :)