Saturday, June 27, 2009


This week has just flown by. . . I feel like I hardly got anything done.

Here's a summary:

~ I rode my bike to campus 4 times this week. I wanted to do this everyday, but it just was not possible. I am quite proud of though, especially since our average high temperature this week has been 105.

~ I started swimming at the pool, and absolutely love it.

~ I FINALLY got my fat quarters for the fat quarter swap all packaged and sent.

~ getting in the mindset to get the materials and start Alyssa's project. She just arrived in Kodiak, Alaska yesterday!

~ Ryan's little sister is here in Austin to spend some time with him before his birthday. We went to the Alamo drafthouse last night and saw The Proposal, which I thought was really funny and cute and I enjoyed. Today they will probably be hanging out by the pool or go to Barton Springs, while I am here at work. But tonight we will get something to eat, go see the bats and try to find some live music somewhere.

~ Tomorrow, the plan is to go shooting. I know Ryan is thrilled about this.

Maybe it's because his sister is here, and because I feel like I have missed out on the summer vacation since my family already did the whole Jalama thing and I couldn't go, but I am really missing family today. While I saw my mom, sisters, and others in Connecticut for Alyssa's graduation, I haven't seen my dad, brother, Briana, Michelle, Oom Tiki and even more family since Christmas. I miss you guys!

The Williams kids at Ben's Pepperdine graduation, 2007
(Chanelle, Ashley, Ben, me, Ingrid)

Dad and his number 1.
(Taken late one night while I had been packing to move to Texas)

me and Briana, my cousin who is less than a month older than me.
Playmates since we were babies, and my closest cousin.

Michelle, a college girlfriend, celebrating her birthday with my family.
Mom is pictured here with her, and five bucks says that's Michelle's favorite confetti cake.

me and Oom Tiki, my mom's baby brother.
He got me tickets to the 2005 Rose Bowl USC/UT national championship.
Best. game. ever.

Michelle and I before I moved to Texas.

Banana and I last winter break.

Ben and David (Briana's brother), in their crazy stunt photo in Audrey's (their older sister) wedding photo booth. Her wedding was recently highlighted in Southern Weddings!

Baba and I the summer after I moved out here. I miss that kind of color.

At least I'll get a good dose at Aaron's wedding in August...though this will only be my mom's side of the family and I won't see any of the Williams side. Hopefully I can make it out to Cali in September! I love you guys.

Ryan, his little sis and my kitties will have to be enough for now. Happy weekend.


Bella said...

Gosh. you are my inspiration. I would love to go bike riding and swimming and have the discipline you do. ROLE MODEL YOU ARE!

Melissa said...

Hey, thank you for the fabric! I featured your blog on my new craft blog and also the fat quarters :)

Good for you riding to campus! I just started taking spinning classes and running everyday. It feels so good to be exercising consistently!

Happy sewing! I hope you enjoy the fat quater I sent :)