Friday, July 10, 2009


Maybe it's my uncle's recent engagement. Perhaps it's my cousin's wedding in three weeks. And I know it's because the girls in my family are really looking forward to when it's my turn....

This dress is so ethereal. I like how the straps are sheer. It's sexy...shows some skin while still being modest and classy.

The style of the next Kenneth Pool dress is "mesmerized". The model looks very "unmesmerized" and I wish I could wipe that drab, bored look off her face, but I do like this dress. It is very delicate and feminine, and a tad fairy tell with the feathery skirt.

So romantic. The layers of organza are awesome.

Christos- Bella

Love these cap sleeves! And just this whole look.

this was fun.


Chanelle said...

funny I've been looking at all things wedding since..well...everything. it IS fun!

GAWms said...

yea I think this one is my choice tho they are all attractive. I think the shoulder thingies and the way it hangs. FWIT