Monday, June 1, 2009

My weekend

Looked something like:
  • Terminator at the Alamo with Ryan
  • work on Saturday
  • Dinner with Alyss, Cristina and Ryan at Hula Hut. Alyssa(my cousin) and Cristina are trekking in Alyssa's jeep starting from Connecticut to home in California. They are both recent graduates from the US Coast Guard Academy. They will get to spend a couple weeks in Cali before heading underway (to sea in CG jargon) in their next stations: Alyssa (Kodiak, Alaska) and Cristina (Honolulu, Hawaii). They stopped in Austin on Saturday night!
  • Showing the girls a bit around town and taking them to see Ryan's snakes (Alyss freaked out a little bit at first when Ryan pretty much forced her to hold Johnny, but in the end, she did good)
  • Breakfast with the girls at Russel's Bakery (yummy!) then seeing them off to San Antonio
  • laying out by the pool
  • Phone tag with cousin Briana (still haven't gotten to catch up with her!)
  • getting a pedicure - my feet have never been so neglected
  • learning that it's a good thing to clean your air filter once in a while (now my AC doesn't spazz out, and no more knocking sound!) I think the filter was so clogged that the AC was creating a vacuum in the vents and causing a loud knocking noise - very irritating when you are trying to sleep at night! All better now.
  • Phone tag with brother Ben (same as Baba....grr!)
  • cleaning as usual
  • grocery shopping
  • getting my bike ready - this means outfitted with lights for nighttime riding, cleaned up, got a tire pump and making sure my tires are all good. I think I am going to attempt it this week.....riding my bike to campus from my apartment. I need to devise a safe route where road traffic isn't so heavy. Good exercise, no? I hope I can do this!
  • new flip flops. My most favorite pair of Reefs, SO comfortable. They were on sale for 9 bucks! They are usually 26. Yoink!
  • transplanting some of my plants to the ground near my apartment where they can get more sun.
  • Still trying to find my DVD remote....I think the cats thought this was another one of their toys and now its in some random place. (By cats I mean Ramses. He gets into everything!)
  • more crochet....surprise project!
  • Just found out I won a cute little knitted hat from the Sew, Mama, Sew giveaway day. Sweet!
  • Signed up for my first swap: fat quarters. This should be fun. I signed up for swapping fat quarters with four other people worldwide. I hope I can get some cool bits of fabric!
  • Also won a craft grab bag from Kiki in the SMS giveaway!
It was a good weekend. Looks like I have some fun mail coming soon!

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