Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Gerard the Giraffe

I sent a love package home to my family just to let them all know I love them and miss them so much! What was in the box?
Dad: Ryan got dad some beef jerkey (Oklahoma style!) during his trip home earlier this month. I also got dad a gift card to Ryan's and my favorite burger joint: Five Guys Burgers. Now, you can't beet In'NOut, but these guys are a close second. There is a joint in the Cerritos Promenade, so hopefully dad can catch them for lunch one day. We're sure he'll like it!
Mom: marshmallow peeps (yellow) which are her fave. I saw them at the store and I automatically thought of her. An Aerosmith CD, with her favorite songs (Oh Yeah! Ultimate Hits). How sad...Peeps come out at Easter time. That's when I started assembling this package, but got stuck on the limiting item. which leads me to Ash...
Ashley: a beachy looking necklace I got at a boutique on the drag and Gerard. I made him using a lionbrand yarn pattern I saw in their newsletter a couple months ago. Ash loves giraffes, and though she is a bit old for stuffed animals, he was too cute to pass up. He is about 16 inches tall, and though you cannot see it in the picture, he has a cute little tail too. I didn't even think to snap a photo of his back side. darn.
Bella: Two headbands that I got from an etsy site: lorien, peacock version of this. (not the really decorative feathers, but light green and blue ones).
Ingrid: some headbands from J. Crew (headbands just don't work on my head) and an Ed Hardy shirt...cuz Ingrid's into that.
I hope they all enjoyed their presents! love you guys.

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Bella said...

im wearing one of my headband right now. dont ever want to take it off. :)