Wednesday, May 13, 2009

How About a Johnnyfish?

I went over to Ryan's the other night and was delighted to see this:

Johnny in his new water bowl (he was completely submerged right before I took this)
You can see a bit of the grey rockish sort of bowl in June's cage next door - much flatter and open.

Johnny is one of Ryan's adult Brazilian Rainbow Boas. They require a lot of moisture, and privacy (they are very shy snakes). Ryan was reading a blog that this guy (who is a big BRB breeder) keeps, and he shared that using fish bowls as water bowls for the snake is good because the tightness makes them feel very safe. Thus, they will soak more and this will help with their sheds.
Shedding is the only issue Ryan has with these snakes. His baby BRBs shed beautifully, all one-piecers, but they regularly hide under their water bowl where it is super moist. These big guys don't get that luxury, so hopefully this new bowl will help. Both of his adult BRBs are eating pretty regularly - he was worried about them for a while and considered getting rid of them because he didn't want to end up killing them (maybe it was a winter hibernation sort of thing?). It's pretty funny because he will come tell me..."Johnny ate today!" or "June pooped!". Don't mom's say that about their babies? As long as a baby eats, sleeps and's a good day. Well it's no different - these guys are his babies.
Anyhow, I thought this was too hilarious, and had to share it will you all!

View from the top. He is so cute with his little head poking out checking the scene.

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GAWms said...

Indeed they are bootiful!