Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Back at square one

Kinda. So let me put that title into context.
Most of you know that I am house-sitting for my boss while he is away this summer. One of the things I must do at his house is to take care of the dogs, which requires feeding them morning and night and putting them into kennels to sleep in the garage. The easiest way to achieve this is to stay at their house all the time, which I have been doing. Except for Sunday night. I had a pretty busy weekend with the girls in town and so Sunday night, the dogs were fed and put to bed and I went back to my place to take care of more stuff I was working on there. In the morning, I watered my plants out on the deck and let Ramses come out with me. Well I went back inside and not thinking in my rush to get to the house, left him on the deck. I went to the house to feed the dogs, let them out and take care of the morning duties over there, then went to work, finally coming back to stay at their house on Monday night. Tuesday morning, I get to my apartment to change clothes and was shocked to not see Ramses waiting for me in my window and then running to be at his little post on the futon by the door (he always greets me there). I turned my apartment upside down looking for him and could not find him. By this time, I am just about in panic mode because he can't have just vanished! Tesia is acting weird, scared and hiding under my bed. I start coming up with scenarious in my head.... maybe the complex had raided my apartment due a noise complaint by a neighbor above me (they can play pretty loudly) and so they came and took him away. And I was trying to think of other crazy ways to explain why he was not there. Well, my phone battery had died so I had to drive to campus to let them know what happened in case the boss called to talk to me (we have updates with him via skype). At campus, I explained to Ryan that Ramses was gone (all this time not remembering I had left him on my balcony!). Well he started asking me questions, like what I had done that morning when I last saw him, etc and eventually I realized I had left him on my deck! Now, since he was no longer there, that would mean he would have had to kamikaze jump off of it (a good 15-20ft jump onto hilly, uneven rocks and concrete directly below me). Then I started to panic again, because though cats are agile, I thought that it would be too easy for him to really hurt himself with an uneven landing. Since he is still young, his bones are soft too so I thought that this might pose an extra risk to getting injured. Then I imagined my injured cat in an area where coyotes routinely visit. You get the picture. Anyhow, I went back to look for him. Eventually, I found him. He had jumped, was okay and had been playing in the wild outdoors for the last day. He had his own little posse of cats (two females I see roaming around the complex). I had to sneak up on him and catch him, but once I brought him inside, Tesia flipped out. She has been hissing and growling ever since. It's just like they are meeting for the first time again. I wish they will hurry up and get back to being the two cute kitties who lay down and lick each other (so sweet).
I also have to keep him from bolting out whenever I come and go. I can't let him out on the balcony now either since freedom is only a jump away. He is going to hate this situation.
I wish I could report on more happy things but all the driving, essentially living out of a bag and all that has taken it's toll. I haven't gotten anything crafty done. It stinks to not be able to stay at one's own place! Not quite the free, crafty summer I was hoping for.

In other news, I think I am going to attempt it tomorrow.... riding my bike to work. It's almost a seven mile ride, which according to the "route-calculator" I used is a 50-60 minute bike ride each way. I am anticipating least at first. I am not able to get a lot of exercising done with the work, dog schedule, and the back and forth between dwellings. Additionally, my car guzzles a lot of gas as it is. The buses from m apartment to campus aren't running on a reliable schedule, and I refuse to drive to work everyday to hassle and pay for parking. Solution: I would like to ride my bike to work. I can kill two birds with one stone....I hope. I'll let you know how it goes.

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