Friday, March 20, 2009


Ok, so other than my post about going to the shooting range the other day, I have been really inactive on my blog. But things are getting better and not so crazy hectic with work, so I have time to participate in other activities. I've gone to the gym several times this week and feel really good. Atthe gym last night, I ran for half an hour with some sprints/interval training, and then really focused on my legs. Oh man, they were so toasted. I really had to use the handrails when going down the stairs, but I am surprisingly not very sore today. A little tender, but I was expecting real I-can-barely-move-and-walk-like-a-really-old-lady-because-I-overtrained- PAIN. But that is a good sign that I am getting stronger.
I asked Meryl to send me some swim caps and nose clips (for those of you that don't know my cousin, she is a synchronized swimmer so she has lots of extras) so that I can do laps at the pool. I got the package from her earlier this week, and not only did she send me what I asked for, but an official bathing suit (her team is sponsered by speedo now, so they can't wear Nike - BUMMER =P) Adidas warmups and a team T-shirt. Plus two pairs of goggles, swim caps and the nose clip. This also sent along this really funny card of an angry looking kitty in a yoga pose trying to de-stress. haha! I love her. If things are going kinda slow in lab, I might go to the pool during lunch today... its sunny and 80!
I am also currently looking for a new place to live. I got the papers to renew my lease this week and Yikes! Rent is going up again. Ridiculous.
Outlook for the weekend: working Saturday as usual. But I might try to go to the yoga class tomorrow morning. If I miss it, then I'll go for a fun down on town lake. I've also got some crocheting to do. . . I've started a couple new little projects. Hopefully I will get to update on those in the coming week, and still as always, working on the Bliss Blanket. I did lay it out on my bed the other night, and I am 1/3 of the way through. Sheesh! I'll probably also spend some time driving around and checking out apartment complexes/ areas of town, since I will probably be leaving Far West. Maybe I will also get to make a run to Home Depot and get new spring plants for my garden boxes, they could use some brightening!
I hope you all have a lovely weekend . . . Happy Friday!

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GAWms said...

Meryl is such a spoiler and you deserve her and it!!