Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Lethal Weapon

Or more like learning how to be lethal with a weapon. Yesterday Ryan, Jason and I went to the indoor shooting range. It is this place called Red's, and is a 100yd indoor shooting range. We rented two guns, a 9mm and a revolver (.357? don't remember what the caliber was). Anyhow, it was my first time firing a handgun, and I was, admittedly, pretty scared at first. But that is how you want to be right? I mean, its a WEAPON, with LIVE ammo. It deserves respect.
Well the guy showed us how to load them, laid down the rules and then let us go shoot. Wow, it was SO LOUD in there. It was an all brick walls, tin roof structure, so the sounds just reverberated off the walls and all throughout your body. I've shot shotguns before, and they are very loud, but outside it just doesn't seem as shocking. Every shot scared me, and I knew I was pulling the trigger! Ok, I am really painting myself to be a bit of a wuss, but go to an indoor firing range and you'll know what I am talking about. There was this guy there that was practicing with his rifle. . . WOW. crazy loud.
Anyhow, I like the 9mm much better than the revolver. It was a smoother fire, and I thought more easy to aim and actually hit the target. I felt like the revolver was kind of all over the place... or maybe it was me. We were there for about an hour and went through 4 boxes of ammo, 2 per gun. Towards the end, we did a little challenge to see who had the best aim on each of our targets, 9yds away using the 9mm. Jason did pretty well. Ryan was most the most deadly. I did alright too, all body shots (mostly gut, ouch), but it was only my second time with the 9mm. The guys, especially Jason, were shooting that one much more. I saved my target but forgot to take a picture this morning. It would have made this post much more interesting. But, if I ever have my brother or dad come out to Austin again, we'd probably go do this with them. Definitely a guy thing!


Bella said...

yay postings!!!

i checked frequently....glad today there was something new....hehe

GAWms said...

definitely a shooting thing!! It'd be gr8 with Ben and Ryan, yea.