Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Getting Some Balance

As most of you know, this is a pretty crazy intense time for me right now....just alot going on and things to get done. Being totally knocked off my feet by sickness last week didn't help much either, so its been all about playing catch-up this week and trying to gain some ground on that long list of things I have to do. But, I am finally starting to feel a bit better, I am about 90% back (physically) now and am getting things together. let's hope the rest of this week goes just as smoothly.
Despite all I have to do though, I managed to go to the gym tonight. See, usually in these situations, I feel guilty about giving up any time for myself to get all the things done that i need to. I've done that for the last four (almost years) and am saying "Not anymore!" I am in the worst shape I have ever been. I haven't gained alot of weight...its just the "fitness" that I am missing. Cardio? Forget about it. A flight of stairs gets me winded. SAD. Due to my build and athleticism, I am naturally muscular, but I have lost ALOT of muscle tone. So I am remedying this situation.
I bought the Texercise pass for the gyms here to take the fitness classes. I love these classes! They are fun, and motivating. Maybe I am a masochist...but I LIKE when I have someone yelling at me to do pushups until my arms feel like they are about to snap. ..or to run harder and stop being a sissy. Libby (my club volleyball coach) was the best for me in that respect. and probably the reason I like this sort of treatment...on good days, she worked us HARD. And on bad days, we didn't spend our 3 hours practice playing volleyball. aaahhhh....the burn.
Last night, I got a yoga mat and went to yoga and "Ab lab" tonight. (those are the names of the classes) LOVED it. And, I have blocked out times in my schedule for other classes I want to go to: kickboxing (my favorite), sculpting classes (to build muscle), boot camp and more. In the summer when the middle of my day is free, I might try some swimming at the pool. I'm excited.
It feels good to take care of yourself. I hope I can keep this up!
And, since I have a cool yoga mat, I should try to find time when my schedule does in fact clear up to make a cool bag for it! another fun project to add to my list.
Also, if you didn't notice, I added Mr. Hawkins' blog to my "faves" list, so if you haven't already bookmarked it in your own favorites, you can always have easy access from my blog. Continue to pray for him....he stood during therapy this week!


Bella said...

haha Ab Lab...i saw that on ur fb status and i was chem lab or nickname for her lab? though...appropriately named for

Bella said...

btw...ur hawkins link aint wrking..maybe jus me though

GAWms said...

umm yea the link to Jack isn't working cause of the error in the url. here it is, see it? double http declaration.


Nessa! said...

Fixededed it. Thanks!!