Monday, February 2, 2009


My family just got a new baby kitty. She is so cute.

They gave her a Dutch name (as they do most of our cats) and I don't know how to say or spell it. It means "sweet little one". Chanelle was going to surprise me with the news by updating her blog and me find out about when I read it, but mom called me yesterday and told me the news. The blog would have been a pretty good surprise....but not as good as the time (a few years ago..I think I was visiting home during a weekend while I living down in SD for my internship) that my parents told me to get something out of my room at their house, and I go back there, open up the door and these two adorable kittens (jonge and meisje) come running towards me. I screamed so loud (out of surprise and sheer glee) everyone started laughing. (I also did this a couple years ago with my mom and sisters on Lake Austin when we were feeding the turtles at County Line on the Lake....there was this baby turtle that was no bigger than a fifty cent piece. I screamed because it was so cute....prompting it to quickly nose dive under the water) I don't knwo what it is with me and screaming when I cannot express myself with words.
But now I want a kitty. I have a Tesie....but I never got the kitten stage with her since I adopted her from the animal shelter.
When I was sick and FINALLY woke up on Friday evening, Ryan came over to take me to get something to eat. When I opened up the door, he had this big, silly-stupid grin on his face. "What are you smiling so goofy about?" Then I hear a rustling of plastic, and he pulls out red roses from behind his back. It was so sweet...After I told him thank you he asked me "what if it was a kitty, missy?"
"AAAHHHH!! I would love it!! "
This was before I heard about my family's new baby. Now I really want one! Besides....maybe its time Tesie got over her only-child syndrome. Am I right? =)

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