Thursday, January 22, 2009


Things on my to do list:

~make receiving blankets, headband, and burping cloths for Lindsay's baby girl due next month!
~finish the Bliss Blanket (what an undertaking). But I have been working on it every day/night. even if only for an hour or so.
~make ryan a duvet/sheet/pillowcase set. ..the one he has is so old and falling apart. haha...guys. they can get by with so little.
~ make myself matching pajama shorts to Ryan's pants.
~crochet Easter bunnies for Maddie and Hayden (Riki's kids)
~make myself something for once....I am thinking a pretty knitted sweater. I need to pick out one I want to make...and get started on it asap so I can hopefully wear it this winter! yikes
~sew sew sew! sun dresses for summer. =)
~I think I'd like a pair of linen pants comfy!
~ I think I should try my hand at a quilt ....let's not be too ambitious and do a lap quilt this year.
~As soon as it gets a little warmer....redo my window boxes and baskets on the balcony.

I think that is all I am going to put down for now. I have so little free time to do fun crafty projects I don't want to jinx myself by putting a whole bunch of things down and then not be able to do them. I am a list person, I love to make lists of things to do and cross them off. Ahhhh...the glorious feeling of accomplishing/finishing something! And nothing feels worse than a whole list of things that couldn't be I am not going to set myself up for failure. If there is one thing I have learned, it's to have reasonable expectations for myself.

It's Thursday....almost the end of the week. And a beautiful Thursday too.

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GAWms said...

Yep, lists. Totally know what you mean. Can be liberating or indenturing. Go for the center! Embrace loosely. Paradoxes are His abode! Gee seems like if you get 10% done you are flyin. I know you will have fun with it whatever it is.