Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Back to school

Classed started today. Whoop-dee-doo. I am not ready for the semester to start yet. I still feel like I have ALOT of research stuff to do...and I am not ready to share my time with teaching now too. We sent back the galley proofs for our JACS paper today, so if all goes well I would expect to see it online sometime next week. In the meantime, I am desperately trying to finish up this other project. There are still a few experiments to run....it would be nice to get a couple more examples with different types of alkynes (molecules with a triple bond) but they are not behaving very nicely. The paper could probably get in in somewhere decent with what we have, but I would like to see it stronger in its content. Also, I have been busy compiling a dossier on all the background since big M wants to start writing the paper tomorrow. I know once he starts writing the pace will pick up real quick and he will want to submit once he is finished writing. grrrr. such impatience sometimes....so I am already stressing about the upcoming pressure and trying to alleviate what I can now.
I really want to go for a run....I think am going to do that tonight when I get home. It will probably help "get it all out" and make me sleep because I will be tired.
I am TAing for Dr. Laude again this semester...for the freshman general chemistry class (about 500 students). They had the other three TAs last semester so he really only introduced me, as his all-star TA...won awards, etc. I got a nice "ooooo" from the class. haha! Even though I know teaching is going to take away from desperately needed research time, it also gives me desperately needed away from lab time (does that even make sense?) I like getting away from lab every once in a while, and teaching is a good opportunity to do so. I love it!

This is very silly, but FYI....it IS possible to get a cat's game in ConnectFour. Ryan got me this game as one of my Christmas presents, mostly because he likes to play it and didn't want to buy it for himself. Anyhow, he is pretty good and tricky, but I caught on quickly (you can't really blame me for my rustiness since it had been uhhh 15 years or so since I played). We TRIED to get cats games (one player focuses on offense, the other on defense only) and couldn't do it. usually one or the other was forced to win. And then when we were just playing and finally got it.... I'd say ten games later. haha! Here's the proof.

it's harder than you think! (V-red, R-black)


GAWms said...

It totally makes sense to me darlin'. Heh, but then I know you a little and you are a part of me. I am in a very similar place externally and emotionally. The balance is at the line where the LORD is our center. He brings me my joy and strength.

I like the "oooo" part. I am envious they get to see you in action and really appreciate you in your place of passion! lv, dad.

Ashley Williams said...

who said you couldnt get a cats game in connect 4? Stevie and i got it when i whooped his booty 20-8