Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Its about to hit the fan

I just want to apologize in advance if my blog sees some inactivity soon. My plate just keeps getting fuller and fuller.

Whats up:
~teaching is always going on, but somehow this is not supposed to take a lot of time. hmmmm
~we are going to submit another paper by the end of the week...or at least that is the goal. Still so much to do to make this happen.
~I was also told about two fellowships that I should (meaning need to) apply for, but the deadline is 2.1.09. nice notice
~I did some mechanistic work related to my current project, but it is going to be published with another paper. The other guys are all done with generating their examples and just told me yesterday that I need to run more labeling experiments to get more info about their mechanism ( I didn't even know I was going on that paper until this week). So now they are waiting on me.
~Molecule of the Month. Every semester, Mike has the group divided into two teams, each with a leader. Then he chooses some big, hairy, scary natural product and we compete to propose the best synthesis. Ryan is a team leader but he hasn't been able to work much on the molecule or assign tasks for his team....so I need to help him with that so it is not a totally bad presentation.
~And my seminar is March 2nd. I need to start making my presentation so I have enough time to get it all polished.
~I need to get my car fixed. I was running errands on Sunday and all of a sudden it sounded like my exhaust was disconnected or something because it was freaking LOUD. My little cute 4runner sounded like one of those muscle cars or something. Ryan heard it and liked it, said it reminded him of his old Ram Charger (which had cut off exhaust and open headers...yeah like I said, LOUD) I was able to drive back to my apartment, albeit slowly, because the mechanics are all closed on Sundays. So I need to get my car towed and figure out what the deal is. My poor car.
In the meantime, Ryan is letting me use his car because he lives fairly close to campus and has more buses going by his place, so its a bit easier for him to get by without a car.

Can you see me stressing out?

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Bella said...

awwww. verni im sorry
you definitely are the busy bee. keep the fab work.