Monday, November 3, 2008

My new baby

I am really late in posting this....for one, I had loaned out my camera and when I got it back it just took me a while to download the pictures off of it. Secondly, I had tried posting a while ago, but as I was about to publish the post, something weird happened and it all got deleted. I just didn't have the energy to re-write/re-do the whole thing. Furthermore, I feel kind of silly just posting a picture of my sewing machine, when I haven't even started using it yet. It seems a bit anti-climactic, just to have this really expensive sewing machine, that have been waiting for weeks to arrive (maybe to due hurricane Ike complications?) and just have it sitting on my table. But, I know that people want to at least see it, and I am enrolled in the introductory class on Nov. 13th, that was the earliest class being held at a time I could actually attend and I will have to leave work a little bit early to go (basically how to use my machine and get it all setup etc.) Well....(drumroll) here it is.

I really like the sewing table accessory that I decided to get along with it, I think it will help alot with having a nice work area directly around the machine. I have my rotary cutter, and scissors and "self-healing" cutting mat, but I still need to pick up a few things. I was planning on doing this after my class since they will probably have recommendations for me of what basic tools I need to have. I do know that I need to get one of those seam-rippers? I think that is what they are called....but I am sure I will be using that one quite often. I am just itching to get started on something. I have some vintage flannel material circa 70's? from my grandmother's sewing stash. It's got a cool paisley print, that I think will make some nice pj pants for Ryan. I'm thinking that will be my first project....something easy to keep me from getting discouraged and frustrated. But I am already starting to plan out what's next after that....this year is definitely going to be a "make-it" Christmas because 1) I just don't have the money to BUY everyone presents, and 2) something made personally for you is much better than something you buy at the mall (at least in most cases, and pretty sparkley things are definitely an exception I can think of right off the bat =P). Plus, a girlfriend of mine who I've known since I was about four is pregnant and due in February, and so I was going to make her a simple little baby quilt and knit a cute baby bonnet (they live in Denver so it's pretty cold). So, that's the plan for now, let's hope it is doable. And the never-ending Bliss Blanket project, I am 20% done with that. Yikes.
I made a little something for my sister, Ingrid, as a part of her big special birthday package. I will post a picture(s) later since I have not sent it to her yet. Also, Halloween was Deanna's (Ryan's mom) birthday, and since he went home for the weekend, I made her a rose brooch. I wanted to give her something for her birthday since she has always sent him home with gifts for me at Christmas, but this was also a tactical maneuver on my part. He was in his best friend's wedding in the city, about an hour away from his parents, and he thought he was going to be too busy all weekend to go home to see his family. This was just crazy to can you be in the same state as your family, even an hour away, and not go see them? Especially considering the last time he saw them was last Christmas. Their family dynamic is very different from my family's, but I gave him a reason to HAVE to go give his mom her birthday present from me. And he is glad that he did go. But back to her is very similar to Lisa's, except it is red, and I added a pearl bead to the center of it to dress it up a little bit. My camera was dead so I wasn't able to take a picture (doh!) but he said that she absolutely loved it. His sister's were also jealous and said they wanted one, and they couldn't believe I have been doing this only for a few months.
Apparently, I have quite a few things to start in mind, and they are all for other people. I am keeping an eye out for something I would like to make for myself. But I will be sending a couple things out the door here this week, so hopefully (fingers crossed) I will have some more things to post about soon.

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