Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I love my Kitty

Tesia was trying to get involved in gift wrapping. She liked the crunchy, crinkly feel of the tissue paper and promptly proceeded to make herself a little bed with it. I LOVE this cat. She has a newfound fascination with water. When I flush the toilet, she runs up to it, places her front paws on the seat and watches as the water swirls down and away. You can see her little head moving in small circles as she follows the water around and around down. I just flush it for her to watch sometimes. AND, this weekend she jumped up on my bathroom countertop when I turned on the sink faucet and she started to play with the water there. First she was trying to smell it, but when she did that, she would get water in her nose and would end up sneezing it out. She did that about, uh, 15 times until she realized she probably shouldn't do that. Then she started to bite at the water. When that didn't work, she would bat at it with her paw, but then she didn't like it when it got wet and she would shake it off everywhere. Finally, the girl thought it would be a good idea to drink the water, and she did. Her whole learning process though....cracked me up.
And, I have never known a cat to get witching hours like she does (and she doesn't even need catnip....yikes). Sometimes she just goes beserk. Its like my very own "jekyl and hyde" cat. I had a box with some little styrofoam blocks for packing and all of sudden, as if a switch was flipped, she goes crazy. She was tearing all the stuff up, and she was making all these funny noises. She also contorts her body a little bit while she is running around on her rampage. And I'll be sitting on the couch and call her name, and she'll cry and sprint off to my room. And then she'll come running back out, and run laps around the couch. She's nuts. Everyday is like an adventure with her.
Tesia is funny because she is affectionate, but its all on her terms. She'll come to you when she wants to. But when she does she is so sweet. I love how she follows me around everywhere, and she is always talking to me, especially when I am in the kitchen (hmmm wonder why that is?). When I am on the couch crocheting or knitting, she climbs on the back of the couch or armrest right behind me so the my neck and head are touching her. Whenever I move, she'll make a little cooing noise. And sometimes she'll wake up and be all lovey-dovey and rub up against me and give me kisses. I love her. I'd be so lonely at home without her!

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Bella said...

haha buttkiss..what a crazy feline!