Monday, October 27, 2008

please don't stop the music...

People I have seen perform live:

Rascal Flatts
Little Big Town
The Moody Blues (first concert, 5th grade, went with mom and Tante San)
Leann Womack
Kenny Chesney
Ben Folds (most recent concert this past Saturday, piano-playing bad-ass, a must-see)
Carrie Underwood
Dierks Bentley
Blake Shelton
Randy Travis
The Toadies
Lady Antebellum
Missy Higgins (girls, you would really like her)
Vince Gill
Alan Jackson
Rhett Akins

Concerts are fun, and the venue we went to last was Stubbs BBQ. I liked it there, MUCH better than the Austin Music Hall. This was an out-door venue, and the weather was perfect. And it is fairly small, so the artists really like to engage the audience. Ben Folds was a riot. And he did two encores. I had heard of him before and some of his music, but Ryan really likes him and has seen him before live and said I had to see him. It really was a fun show and it is INSANE to watch him on the piano. I didn't know anyone's hands could move so fast. And he has this super cool altoid trick (he puts altoid cans on the piano strings of the keys he wants to distort, and when he plays them it sounds like a synthesizer. I'm glad Ryan took me....and I'll be keeping an eye out for other shows at Stubbs! The advantage of living in a big music town is there is always something going on, someone playing, and tickets aren't gonna cost you and arm and leg.


Bella said...

ok eveyone you named. i want to see...maybe not so much sugarland and i wouldnt have chosen blake shelton (whom we saw with rascal flatss) but otherwise yes id see them all. Im glad Ryan like Ben Folds. Makes me approve of him even more cause hes awesome!! piano playing pretty freakin awesome adn i can only imagine how amazing he is live. and Miss a fan. its cool that youd thought I would like her without knowing I already do! tho thmart thitho <3

Vanessa Monet said...


You like the Toadies? whaaaa? Did NOT know that. Well, if you ever come out to Austin again before I graduate, we'll have to check out what shows are going on. There's always something!

GAWms said...

I stuggled to answer the girls' question about who I have seen live! You definitely not me beat! Nice!