Saturday, November 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Ingrid!

My baby sis turned 18 back in October. A while ago, I started a sort of tradition when my cousin Meryl turned 16, by marking that special bday with the same number of presents. Some would be really nice, others kind of silly but representing some part of that person. Like for Meryl, the most sensitive and emotional of all of us, the girl always finds some reason to end up crying. Well, one of her presents was a box of kleenex, which when we opened it proceeded to cry. HAHA! I love you Meryl!
Well, this year was Inky's turn. Let me tell you a little bit about Ingrid. She's the youngest of us five. She is a senior in high school and currently applying to universities with hopes set on attending the Coast Guard Academy where our cousin Alyssa is a senior and graduating in May! Ingrid is extremely athletic, and smart and the girl has a quick mouth. This can lead to some pretty heated discussions, especially since we are all opinionated, strong people in my family, but oftentimes some quite witty and funny comebacks. She's a tough cookie. She's pretty classic and I love her.
So....some of the things I got her (if I can remember them all)
1. A black tote from American Eagle.
2. I have a pen fetish and love studying and taking notes with lots of different color pens. (keeps me from getting bored) so I got her a pack of nicely colored pens to help with her studies.
3. Her nickname is "Pink", I don't really remember how that came about about, maybe a spring-off of Inky? (which I think came from the younger kids not being able to say Ingrid. Anyways, I got her a really pretty pink nailpolish because she has really long fingernails...and its pink!
4. Pure Nessalove.

It is a flower I made, and the first ever without a pattern. I just kinda made it up as I went along. It is a little twist on the flower that is used in the center of the motif of the Bliss blanket, I just added more layers of petals that got bigger with each round. I used an ivory and a purple (the same color of Lisa's flower) mohair yarn together to give it a bit of a variegated effect. Then, I placed a pretty mother-of-pearl button in the center of it, which looks really nice because I think it ties it all together and snazzes it up a bit. I also stitched a pin to the back of it so she can pin it wherever she wants....And it looks super cute on #1!
5. She is 18, and this being an election year she can vote! So I got her a "Vote for Pink!" shirt from Victoria's Secret.
6. Along with that I got her some cute panties, one being a boy-short with "Vote Pink" on the behind. =)
7. A Touch of Pink - Lacoste
8. "The Pink Tiger Album". It's a one-of-a-kind....really. Ingrid LOVES tigers. And since she is also the Pink, I came up with this album. basically, any song with "Tiger" or "pink" in the title or artist name. Examples include: Eye of the Tiger - Survivor, So What - Pink, Pink - Aerosmith, Tiger - ABBA. You get it.
And the album cover was a pretty pink and white tiger print drawn/colored by moi.
9. She is also learning how to drive and getting her license this year. We all got our licenses our senior year. So, I got her this. The pink one of course!
10. She is a huge Longhorn fan, so I got her some longhorn yoga sweatpants.
11. She is a coffee drinker (even though dad isn't a huge fan of us drinking coffee =/). You know those thermoses from Starbucks where you can decorate it yourself? I got one of those and a tiger print fabric from Joann's. Now she has a tiger thermos. Rawr!!
12. She got a iPod touch for her bday from our uncle, and I got her a slick skin.
13. A cool Ethos water bottle which I am sure Dad is a much bigger fan of. =)
Hmmmmm....I can't remember the other things. grrrr, I am still not totally used to blogging and my sporadic entries don't help my getting into the habit of taking pictures for chronicling such things. Anyways, she loved everything. She opened up her package last night. That was kind of a funny story. I don't get a good signal in my apartment since I am way in the back and kind of hidden by a slope since I am in a building overlooking a gulch creek/ green belt. So, I was sitting bundled up in a blanket (cuz it's cold this weekend!) in my car waiting for her to call me when she was going to open it (we were waiting for certain family members to be there since they wanted to watch her open it)...which ended up being around 1-ish a.m. my time, but it was totally worth it. Happy Birthday Ingrid! I love you!

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Bella said... the only one who didnt get my license senior year..oopS!!