Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What a fun weekend

I know, I know, it has been forever since I last updated. This is due in part to several things. First of all, I have been working so much, I didn't have time to. There have been so many things I have wanted/needed to do and had to keep putting off since I have been getting home so late. Secondly, since I have been working so much, I haven't had time to do anything interesting or worth writing about. And no one really wants to hear me vent about work on here right? Plus, it is just unprofessional. So...finally this weekend I was able to do something, or things rather, that were fun and a nice break.
Ryan and I celebrated our two year anniversary on Saturday night by going to this really yummy sushi restaurant. It is his favorite place in town I think, and definitely a place I will have to take Mom when she comes out. But....yay for us! He is my best friend, and I cannot imagine what it would be like without him here.
Then, I spent a whole lot of time this weekend doing fun stuff.

I needed a break from crocheting the blanket I have been working on, so I did something a bit different. I made a corsage rose for Lisa! It only took me a few hours (maybe three or four?) and not because it was a hard pattern, but because the yarn is so stinking difficult to work with. It is totally worth it though, and I am sure I will be making more. =) It is a merino wool-kid mohair blend lightweight yarn....and really soft. We were both having rough weeks last week, so I thought it would be fun to give her something to start off a brand new week. I have red and ivory yarn also, but I made her a purple one since she has these amazing purple shoes that she loves! I envisioned her pinning it to one of her bags or to a hair tie to wear when she wears her shoes, or to anything really! I walked past her going to lunch and she had it pinned to her shirt and she has already posted about it in her blog!

Then, I also resurrected that little toddler's sweater project I was working on. I think its going to be so cute. Maybe I will have it done just in time before it cools down in Stillwater and send it to Ryan's sister for Maddie or Hayden.

And...Miss Tesie. I love this girl. She always hangs out right behind me on the couch whenever I am crocheting/knitting and sometimes she curls up right behind me and sleeps. Whenever I touch her or move, she'll make a little cooing noise. Look how regal she looks. She actually had her legs crossed right before I took this. By the way, she is doing much better with her allergies. I think the special food is helping and her neck is all healed up and the hair growing back.

Then....(drumroll) I got a sewing machine. Finally! I ended up getting a Husqvarna Viking Emerald. It is a computerized machine, very quiet and durable, and will be good for making some clothes and quilting. Actually, its a very nice machine and is something that I won't grow out of for a very long time. It was a little more pricey that I was originally looking for, but Ryan wouldn't let me leave without it. He said that given how fast I have taken up crochet and quickly picking up other things, he doesn't want to see me frustrated with a machine that can't do what I want it to. (I am not sure what all that is yet) but I believe this one has everything I will need. So....it is my birthday, anniversary (and I said it also better be my Christmas present.) I also got this table attachment accessory (since I don't have a sewing cabinet to lower my machine into) so that I have a nice level working surface around the machine. I am so excited for them to get in and start with classes at Joann's. =)

So, yes it has been a very fun, relaxing anti-science weekend. It really couldn't have been any better. =)

Also, just a little update for Ryan. He won a fellowship! It is a fellowship for Okies (yes, only people from OK are eligible) but nonetheless he won! I am so proud of him. And Penny (our wonderful graduate administrator who really is like a mom away from home) worked really hard to make it so that he could get some extra money out of it. We are working on finishing up this last project that has been so frustrating, but he is working hard to wrap it up and I just have a couple more experiments to run for my portion then I am done. The snakes are also doing really well. He was really happy because he finally got the girl rainbow boa to eat! (No, he has not named her yet) It had been about a month since she last ate, and she was refusing to eat what he was giving her. (they were feeding on thawed frozen rats before he got them and he was giving them live food and she wasn't taking it). I told him he should try to get her frozen rats and he tried it. Since their previous owner also fed them in their cages, he gave her the frozen rat in her cage. He said she was so hungry she almost took his hand off. (well not literally, but she really went after the food.) Poor girl, I would have too. You don't wanna mess with me when I haven't eaten! But, I know that really cheered him up because he was starting to worry about her. Especially since breeding season is coming up (which is why he got them in the first place) and she needs to be bulked up to breed. His prayers were answered!

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Lisa said...

Hey, Look what I found!!! Yay for blogs :) My all black cat, Kappa, has really bad allergies, too. He pulls out all the fur on his back sometimes, it looks really funny.