Tuesday, September 16, 2008

a lil update

Well....I am glad I called this blog Nessa Weekly, and not Nessa Daily, otherwise I would be totally failing. So, you were pretty much being spoiled when I was updating almost every day. It's ok...it will probably fluctuate, this is just a dry time (much like our weather.)
Which by the way, has been quite disappointing, especially given the last weekend with Ike. The devastation down in Houston is terrible, but if it had hooked left, it wouldn't have been as bad, and Austin would have seen some nice, wet (if a little windy) weather. But....not even a drop here. The weather channel had my hopes up so high. sigh
Anywho, last week was my birthday. Which was really nice (as nice as it could be in the middle of the work week.) Remember that Ryan's present to my was my sewing machine, which hasn't come in yet. Sometime this week. =) I'm really looking forward to getting started with that! He also took me to dinner, to a seafood/ steak restaurant called Truluck's. He also told me that he had a surprise for me after dinner, so we had to leave the restaurant by 10:45. (Yes, we had a late dinner because I worked later than I was hoping to) So, when we got there, the hostess showed us to the table, which was in a dimly lit private corner, and we get to the booth and I see this and think, "wow, the restaurant has really fancy bouquets on their tables!" Then i turn to the hostess to say thank you, and she has this big silly grin on her face, then I get a confused look on my face, and then *lightbulb!* "Oh, I get it. The flowers were the surprise!" I didn't really say that, but thats what happened in my head. He's a tricky one. Here's my b-day bouquet.

The first bouquet he got me was red roses for my birthday two years ago, so he tied that in with the red roses in this bouquet. Dinner was so yummy! I ordered the tenderloin medallions with king crab. This also came with leeks (I forget how they were cooked, but very good) and a "loaded" potato cake. There were also some other greens, but I am having trouble recalling what. (this is the problem with waiting posting procrastination). Anyhow, I had not had crab in so long....it was perfect. He had the ribeye (which was very good) and some oysters(still creeped out by those).Then, he tricked me again. I saved room so that I could savor my dinner again with leftovers the next day and also have room for dessert. After I finished eating, I had to go to the restroom and we were the only ones left in the restaurant, so I asked him to have my food boxed while I was gone. When I came back, he told me that they weren't serving dessert anymore since the restaurant had closed a half hour earlier. I thought this was odd, since such a nice establishment would presumably serve the customer as long as they were inside, and it was afterall obviously my birthday! But, I believed him and waited for my boxed food to come back, quite bummed. But then, the server brought out a molten chocolate cake (my favorite) with raspbery and amaretto sauce drizzled around it and strawberries. He specially requested it for me...it wasn't on their menu. It was so delicious....best lava cake I have had yet. And...second best bday cake to Mom's sweet 16 bday party at the Laguna Beach Ritz Carlton's lemon raspberry cake.
Also, I was surprised on my birthday by a present from Lisa! It is a cute, patchwork pin cushion. The design is from this book. I LOVE it. And the design is so nice, because the base is so broad that the pin cushion doesn't wobble and rock when you stick pins(unlike those dense little tomato cushions) in it. Lisa was also so thoughtful as to add a little packet of Carolina (she is from SC) plantation rice as a little extra weight inside it. It will be so nice to have such a pretty, happy little pincushion next to my sewing machine. And on the bottom, she made a little patch to personalize her handiwork. Thanks Lisa! The lighting isn't the best in the world...sorry!

All in all, I had a wonderful birthday. I am anxious to go home for my cousin's wedding next week to see and celebrate with my family.
Just something fun.... I was vacuuming this weekend. And Tesie is TERRIFIED of the vacuum. Usually, she hides under my bed, or she will pull one of the bathroom drawers open and squish herself back inside the cabinet, or hide amongst my pots and pans, but this time, she found a new spot. She never ceases to make me laugh. Enjoy! Sorry she looks like a demon. It's a rare photo that her eyes don't glow like the dickens.


Dad said...

mom told me friday nite to check out your blog. tell ryan he is gotta slow down. he is spoiling you way too much!! lol I am gettin hungry here readin what you guys had. I ate real late last nite (10.30p) after getting home from working all day at antares. everyone had been working most the day and the place is looking so spiffy. we have some of ingrids friends coming over I think in a couple of weeks. gettin ready ya know. i really like reading anything you write baby. it's so yummy.

Lisa said...

Lucky girl to get Trulucks b-day dinner! I love that place. Especially the lobster bisque, and the crab cakes, and the scallops, and the chocolate cake . . . and the wine flights. Randy and I went there for our first date. Have fun at the wedding!