Monday, September 22, 2008

Cherry limeades

Cherry limeades. yummy. Sometimes I go with Ryan to the petshop when he gets the snakes' food because it is fun to look around at all the pets and reptiles they have in there. And while we are there, you can without a doubt see me shaking my head "no", when he starts looking at me with pleading puppy eyes. Well, there is a Sonic near the pet store and so he took me there. He loved getting cherry limeades with his mom, it's a fun memory he has of getting them with her since they both really like them. Well, he says I remind him a lot of his mom, and he wanted me to try one. They are so good! I am not a fan of Sonic's food....but I will go for a limeade (he says they also have good slushies and other floats/ frozen drinks) anyday! They get my vote. =)

Oh, Ryan FINALLY named the two new snakes (the Brazilian rainbow boas he bought back in June). He decided to call them Johnny and the Cash's. I had heard a song I liked on the radio called "Johnny and June" by Heidi Newfield. It is a country song. Anyways, I told him to try to catch it on the radio, and it became an inspiration for their names. Ha, its kinda cool too since he bought them in June.

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