Monday, November 17, 2008

Flowers bloom

Well I finished another gift this weekend, and also started up some other projects.

This is what the rosette I made for Deanna (Ryan's mom) looked like, only hers was red. I had a single pearl button in the center. This gift however was intended for my Aunt K. (Kristin, my dad's sister.) Aunt K is very artistic, and quite dramatic (as we Williams' are. =p) But she is truly unique and I love her! So, I had to give hers a little more flair than just a pearl button. Viola!

They stand out a little bit more in this picture, but they are really close to the color of the yarn. Swarovski crystals! It's nice because they match, but catch the light here and there to make it a little more dramatic. It took me longer to add the crystals than to crochet the flower! It was quite tedious. But I hope she likes it. I sent if off to her today, so she should be getting it in the next couple of days.
Happy Birthday Aunt Kristin! (October 3oth) Yeah, I know I'm late. =(

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