Monday, November 17, 2008

Critter hunting

Something is eating my plants. I planted a few new plants in my window boxes because the summer ones were all browning since they are now out of season. I just got a few pansies, and a couple other winter/fall type plants. Nothing too fancy or expensive, but still pretty and colorful. But something is eating them! grrrrr.
I came home one day last week and noticed some of my flowers and leaves were missing. Just chewed down to the nubs of the little stems. And now, some ENTIRE plants are gone! What the heck! And it's always when I am gone. I dare the squirrel or whatever it is to do it while I am home and let me catch it red-handed. Because then I will know what type of cage I need to rig up to catch the plant-murderer and it can answer to Ryan's snakes. Yes, the death penalty.
You mess with my plants, you mess with me. No joke.
Although....maybe its locusts or something? Any ideas?

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