Tuesday, November 18, 2008

in bloom (cont.)

I have another flower pattern! It's really quite cute, I like it alot. It is pretty big around, it is bigger than the palm of my hand...much bigger than the rosette or flower I made for Ingrid. I used the mohair yarn again, this time the ivory and red together. Since this is a really soft yarn and the petals are so big and long (two layers of treble crochet or double treble crochet...that's really tall!) they ended up being a bit floppy and the flower did not have much shape. So, I stitched the big petals in the back together about halfway up the petal, so that it retained more shape and kind of "bowl-ish". Overall it looks good, I think this is my favorite flower pattern so far. I think there is room for alot of play with this one.

When I was done making the flower, I stitched the pin to the back and added the leather button in the center. I think it gives it a little more of a preppy feel, but I think they go well together. The reason I used the leather button is to tie it together with the leather accents on the handles of this purse, a tote from American Eagle.

A closeup of the flower attached to the purse.

I am sending this off to Ryan's baby sis, Jenny, today. She has been going through a little rough patch, I don't really know what is going on, I have just seen what she posts on her Facebook page. And since the rosette I made his mom was such a hit, I thought I would send her this to lift her spirits and put a smile on her face. Ryan and Jenny also have similar music tastes so I included a couple cd's: Ben Folds (who we saw in concert a couple weeks ago), Missy Higgins (also saw her), Augustana and the new Starfield.

p.s. that fabric used as a background with the flower in the first picture is a kind of silk organza.....to be used in a project I am starting tonight...I think it will be very pretty!

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