Monday, July 7, 2008

Teasing the Tesia Squeeze

Gosh, I love this cat. I am currently teaching myself to crochet somewhat complex stitches since I am preparing to embark on a huge project. is a surprise though! Anyways...I have these granny squares and motifs laying around, so I wove some yarn through one so that I could tie it on something. what better than to have that "something" be my cat! HAHA! the results are below...

Doesn't she just look like she LOVES it? But she was so good...despite that look on her face, she was just sitting there and letting me do it. Gosh, she is hilarious. I love her. Notice the litter box in the corner? Yes....her toilet training is currently on hiatus. She was doing so well and then totally lost it. She is pretty rebellious though...and selfish...and spoiled, among many other things. She probably just got tired of sharing her bathroom with me (thats how Tesie thinks, everything is hers and I am sharing with her). The litter box is not my favorite, but I was getting tired of sharing MY bathroom with her too! She is not the cleanest roommate ya know! But, I still have the training tray, so I may resume later, or wait much later until a time when there are two bathrooms and the girl can have her own to make a mess in!
That one is a little better! You can see I am rocking the bangs again. I got my hair cut this last weekend. Its pretty much the same length (a little trim on the ends to keep it healthy) a couple inches past my bra strap, but she added a TON of layers. They go as short as about 3 inches above my shoulder. But I love it, because now I can do different things like pinning up the long pieces to sport a fake bob. There are lots of other cool tricks that the girls might like. i've been trying some out and the tips are great!

Ryan told me this last weekend he wanted to surprise me by getting a sewing machine! yay! This means I don't have to wait until my birthday to get myself one. =) he got his tax return back and felt like spoiling me a little bit. What a great guy! So...I need to kick up my researching and go out and look at some models. I'm excited.

Ryan's birthday was last week, so I took him to this brazilian restaurant in town. It was really good! They had these little cheese bread ( i LOVE bread) puffs, that were crunchy on the outside, but chewy on the inside. They are definitely addicting, so its good that they gave one more as a garnish to the entree and not as a bread basket. That would be too dangerous! Its called Pao de Queijo. i tried making them this weekend, but it didn't turn out quite as good as what we had at the restaurant, but its definitely worth trying again! The difference between these and normal cheese bread, is that you use tapioca flour, so its a bit more chewy. Try it!

Hmmm...does anyone know what these trees are? I saw them (this pic was taken earlier in the spring) but I would like to know what they are because I would like to have them in my yard one day! I LOVE these trees. So pretty!

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