Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I was stuck on the pattern for one of the projects I am attempting...but I got it figured out! I guess at the end of each round, the pattern tells you what you should have at the completion of that round. So...when it said 8 ch sp (8 chain spaces), it meant that I should have eight spaces under chain crochet, which is where I eventually formed the petals in those spaces. Well, I was miss reading it as making 8 chain crochets that act as "spaces" and then I ended up having a weird loop in the middle of my flower. Obviously not right! An internet search yesterday helped me figure that book didnt say what a "ch sp" was. BUT, I am glad its all worked out...and look at the results! I was so proud of myself last night. Its so pretty. I can't wait until I get the whole motif finished. The motif will end up being a square (kind of like a quilting square) with that flower in the middle. I am definitely going to work on it more tonight and maybe get it done. I don't know, its still quite a bit to finish the motif and I am still learning the pattern, but I will try. Its looking good so far though and I think its going to turn out quite amazing. YAY!!!

On a different topic...Starfield came out with a new album, called "I Will Go". I bought it yesterday, its like $7 on iTunes, and I have only listented to a couple of the songs (due to downloading issues I wasn't able to get the whole album I purchased, but we are working to resolve that), but anways, so far its really good! I know all my fam will really like it. Oh...I should see if those guys are coming to play in Austin anytime soon. Ryan really likes them too so it would be fun to go. and in honor of ash... because whenever I hear these songs, I think of you....I also added "Forever" and "Angel" to my music collection. Now I can remember our road trip when I listen to them. yay! I miss Cali.

Ok...its Wednesday, the week is halfway over thank God, and I have alot to do. I'm off!

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