Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I went to Joann's last night and got some yarn and a book on crocheting. There are these SUPER cute slippers from the Indigo book that I want to make. I also got yarn for the toddler's cardigan. It is going to be a dark heather grey, with some stitching and part of the sleeves that will be a dark red. The yarn is really soft. I think it would be really cute for a girl or boy, so if it turns out good I will send it to Riki since she has a little girl (Madison, almost 2) and Hayden ( about 7 mo?). Last night, I made the gauging stitch. This is just a little piece that you make (about the size of the kitchen square) and you measure it to make sure you are stitching at the right tension. When I was done, I stitched/sewed a border around the edge with the red (just to make sure that the colors looked good together) and I think it is going to look really cute when it is done! I gave Tesia the gauge piece. I have some catnip that I rubbed into it. When i gave it to her she went nuts! She was rubbing her face in the cloth and just TOTALLY loving it. She wore herself out because soonafter she was OUT. I was laughing so hard. I love that cat so much.
I just recently started giving her a bit of tuna at night when I come home. Its her little treat and she KNOWS the sound of the can opener. She must love it because she started sleeping with me again.

Whew! I just talked with the boss about vacation. Ryan actually broke the news to him when he was getting a form signed and he told him to send me to his office. He said it was ok after I told him how much time i had in fact taken off so far. He thought I had taken more because of my recent trip with Tante bay and then dad was in town about a month before that. I told him I would not have anything I go home for Christmas. I'll have to work a little bit during Thanksgiving break. =( At least he was fine with this trip home because I was really worried about it a while ago. thank God!

Ok...gotta do a couple things before my TA meeting.

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