Monday, June 2, 2008


So....I have decided that I need something outside of work. I decided I would take up knitting. Its easy (enough) and the individual projects will be fun to work on something to look forward to. Plus, it doesn't cost alot to get setup and start working on something. This will also keep me busy while I save up for something I really want....A sewing machine!! (I really feel like I am copying Lisa, and in a way I guess I am, but I have done tads of these things before with mom and Tante San, so I guess I have just recently been inspired to really pick these things up.) For knitting, I got two books. Knitting for the First Time and Indigo Knits. The first book has the really elementary techniques and a corresponding project from beginner to intermediate level. Its mostly things like toddler sweaters, or a stocking, but I need to learn somehow! The second book, I am already in love with. Its all based on working with indigo dyed yard (and even denim yarn) and they also teach you really cool things like bleaching you so you can get all these special texturing and color effects in addition to the different stitches. I think the white and blue arlook so great but of course you aren't limited to those colors! There are 30 projects in it...and there are about 15 in there that would be worthwhile doing, and some that would make great gifts for people. I am so excited to hurry up and get through the first book, so that I can really make something I want to.

Project 1: A kitchen square. This is pretty much just like a kitchen washcloth. I made it in like camo-colored yarn to give you Ryan.

You may know that he recently got a pair of snakes ( a love of his i had no idea about until he got them). Anyways, he has to spray like this vitamin stuff on them every night to help them with their skin and makes shedding easier. So...he can have a cool looking rag to use when he does that. I think the snakes are great ( burmese pythons) the regular one is a girl, which he has named Sage. She is really cute and LOVES to swim in the water bowl...that is what she is doing in the pic. and the Albino one...he is thinking of naming Apollo (after the greek god of the sun). He is really pretty since the albino's come in either a white/yellow morph or a peachy white/orange morph. Apollo is the latter, and he came from a really good breeder out of Oklahoma, so he really is gorgeous. He is funny...his tail is really good at gripping and when you hold him he puts it in and around the funniest places. Here he has it in Ryan's pocket.

My next project if I am remembering correctly is a toddler's cardigan. I have no use for this (sorry mom! =P) so I may end up giving it to Goodwill when I am done, or sending it to Ryan's sister since she has two little ones. But I get to go to Joann's tonight (which is REALLY close to my house) to get the yarn and get started. I can't wait! I will keep you updated on it!

Also...I some pictures of my balcony from when dad came out to visit and set me up with all the pretty plants! I know mom and the girls back at home haven't seen it yet and I have been bad about sending they will go up here!

I love it. I spent most of the day yesterday doing my "spring cleaning". I also hung up pictures (the gold framed Indo ones, and Michelle's butterfly) . Also, Pete, a recent graduate, sold me his bed rails so I finally got my bed up off the ground yesterday. I'm not used to being so high! I got alot done...and I feel really good.

Its getting late...I need to go to Joann's!

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Ashley Williams said...

Im excited for all your knitting. Thatll be good for you to do! bring it when you come out so i can pick it up..and the snakes are sooo beautiful! Im excited ryans childhood dreams have been fulfilled. :) The pots look really pretty ness! I was wondering where that butterfly picture went..well love you and im glad your blogging now.