Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Its only Wednesday

I am exhausted! I don't really know why...I am pretty sure I am sleeping well at night. I did have a really late night on Sunday though...I was on a roll cleaning and doing house things that I couldn't stop! It's Wednesday...I hope I can make it through the week. grrrr...annoying things at school don't help either.

I started the cardigan last night. It looks far. I'm currently working on the back panel, which is pretty big! I am not even a quarter of the way through. I think the hardest thing is getting the piece that you are working on started because its so small and you have to keep it tight. I hope I can get a good chunk of that piece done tonight. Its going to be kind of a late one in lab though since we finally have the molecule of the semester meeting tonight. (the whole group is divided into two teams, and each team has a team leader. Mike picks some nasty, huge, hard natural product and each team has to propose a synthesis of it, with relevant precedence for key steps. Hope that wasn't too alien-sounding.) The winning team (leader) gets a bottle of wine (nothing really fancy)...but a prize nonetheless. Anyways, we have had this thing scheduled for a really long time and the meetings kept getting pushed back and I am glad we are having it because I don't like having late meetings in the summer (6-9pm) but I am also not glad because I am just so tired and by the time I get home and have dinner its gonna be late. such is life. I am enrolled in a spectroscopy class this summer that begins tomorrow and it starts 8:30am. OUCH

I can't wait to go home and lay on a beach and DO NOTHING. well...I will probably bring some knitting/crocheting so I can share with the girls. =)

I still haven't been able to go running this week! (yet somehow I am pretty sore...maybe from taking apart my bed and putting it on the rails all by myself?)

ok...chemistry to do.

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Dad said...

OK baby this one kinda makes me sad. Doin that by yourself...
being sore when you aren't working out.

I hope you will protect time for "sacred" things.

yeah I know all of life is sacred and He is in it all and we can love Him and worship Him in all things.

Then there are those things that rejuvenate, that connect us, realign... those are more, well, sacred.

Sabbath. Take time and set it aside. The LORD says we will be blessed.

I can see tho how even putting a bed together can be so relaxing, such a diversion too eh?