Friday, June 6, 2008

Today is a good day

ahhh..what a nice day. It started out rainy but now the sun is out and shining. I had to go to the DMV this morning to get a new license. I cannot find mine and I seriously looked everywhere. That was also part of my cleaning expedition this past weekend. So, I finally just went to get a new one. I hate how the DMV is setup here. First of all, its not like the California ones where you can make an appointment and then not have to wait as long. When you first get inside, there is one man behind a desk who you have to talk to and figure out what you need. Then he gives you the proper forms. You go fill out the forms and then bring them back to him and he does a lookover and then he gives you a number. Then you have to wait until your number is called. There are usually then 5-12 people busy helping the people who have numbers. I went first thing this morning to avoid the buildup of people. I must have just come after a rush because this one guy had more people in his line than there were people waiting to get their number called. Plus he isn't the fastest so it took FOREVER ( and he was kind of a jerk to some people). Plus you have to wait for the people who weren't called from the previous day so you are already automatically behind them. I am so glad I took my knitting with me! I got a good amount done on the back panel of the cardigan, so i am really going to try tonight to get that whole piece finished up. Its going to get a little tricky because you have to increase and decrease the number of stitches to make the shape for the armholes and neck. It should be interesting.

The boss left already! Thats a pleasant surprise. I learned that he is going out of town for a talk he has in Cali on Monday, so if he is already gone today, then maybe he won't come in tomorrow either. i'm crossing my fingers. =) He hasn't really been coming by to talk to me much lately so its not bad, its just less stressful when he isn't here.

I am excited. I just ordered a new bathing suit online. I have not bought myself anything for a while (except for the knitting supplies, which I see as an investment really and hopefully save me money when it comes time to give presents) and I have been pretty good so I decided to treat myself. The last time I got a bathing suit was two years ago, so its about time, and this one was on sale. Its really pretty...its a jade green. The top is bandeau style with gold accents. The bottoms are not ties, but on the hips/waist instead of being fabric, the front and back pieces are connected by these two little gold cat pieces (kind of like how sometimes there is a ring there instead). I love cats! You know my cat converses. =) hehe is more of a by-the-pool sort of pretty suit rather than surfing/get-tossed-around-in-water-and-sand suit. That's ok though because we don't have a beach here. And it wont be here in time for me to bring it to cali. maybe next time!

Also...I have decided that tonight is a "me" night. I'm gonna take a bath, light some candles, give myself a mani and pedi, do a face-mask and then kick back and relax and finish up knitting that piece! I should also start practicing my crochet techniques. I think that will be easier to bring on the trip and I want to start making some pretty gifts!

Ok...time to go make this catalyst I made recrystallize. (this is a way of purifying compounds. First you dissolve it in a solvent. The solvent can be something that is is not readily soluble in and you force it into solution by heating. If you do it this way, once it is all dissolved you slowly cool it down and your solid (since it does not really like being dissolved in this solvent) will slowly "crash out" (thats what we call it), or precipitate, out of solution as nice crystals. Then you can just filter off the solvent and collect your product and hopefully all the impurities remain in the solution. This technique usually works really well, plus sometimes the crystals that come out are really cool looking. Another way is to dissolve the product in something it likes, and then add a solvent it doesn't like in like a ~1:>10 ratio, and your product will also crystallize out of solution. I have tried both and its being really stubborn. Don't worry though, I shall be victorious!

Hmmmm...this is something I have noticed lately. Usually, I am really good with my typing. But as I read over things, sometimes I type things in duplicate or make really silly typing errors I usually don't make. Or sometimes in lab, I forget to do really basic things. Like I am not catching the things I usually do. its kind of annoying. I don't know...maybe I am really tired? But its not just this week. It's something I am going to keep an eye on....weird.


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