Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Done with the entire back panel of the toddler's cardigan I am knitting. It has taken me much longer than I expected it would, but I am getting much better and made alot of progress on it last night. I decided that since it is the first piece of clothing I have knitted, I will save it for myself, for my first little one...even though thats probably a long ways away! I will just keep it safe, tucked away somewhere until it can be used. Its got too much sentimental value already. I think once I have finished the back panel, I will probably start going through the crochet book. I think it will be easier to bring a crochet project back home than a knitting one...maybe I can finally start the slippers. yay!
I am so tired... as soon as I leave work I have to go to the store to pick up something for a casserole I am making for dinner. While thats cooking, I will try to go for a wog (walk-jog) and keep it easy but still do something. Then I need to do a little bit of cleaning ( I didn't get much done this weekend since there was an adventurous toobing trip on Sunday and was just exhausted and slept when i got home), and then get to sit down and finish the back side of the sweater. I like crashing on the couch with my knitting and Tesie nearby with the radio on. There is a easy-listening program on at night featuring Delilah (don't know if you've heard her, but she sounds like she is pretty big) Anyways, she has a really relaxing voice and is pretty inspirational and encouraging on the radio. Its a nice way to wind down.
Nikki and Nick were at Barnes and Noble the other day and got me a knitting magazine. It has all kinds of neat projects and patterns in there. I have more knitting to do than I have time for! I have all these things lined up that I want to make. Maybe I will be able to make something neat for my secret santa this year. Speaking of Christmas...There's my little demon cat next to my tiny charlie brown christmas tree. Even though she has a whole basket of toys and balls, she must have played with and broke about have of those little ornament balls. She is the essence of "spoiled". It's sad but that is the most recent pic I have of her. Sorry I am not much of a picture person...another reason for starting this blog! It forces to chronicle things a little bit better with pictures. =)
Ok, and another thing I have to do is take some pictures of tesia. Last weekend, I had invited Nikki and Nick over to dinner and they had their little mini-dachshund, Mylo with them. So, he came inside too..I thought it would be ok since Tesie would just go hide under my bed. I wish I had thought to take pics because she was so good with him. He is young, so he was really trying to go after her and get her to play with him, and after a couple whacks on his head to show him who was boss he kinda cooled down, but tesia chased him a little bit and acted the total opposite of what I expected from her. You know how cats rub up against poles and things? She even did that with him at one point. (do I know this cat anymore?) So yeah, I wish I had thought of my camera then but maybe I can catch her doing something tonight. ( I know you want them mom!) I love that cat. I woke up happy this morning because she was curled up right next to me. And she makes this really cute cooing noise when I touch her and wake her up. And as soon as I get up, she gets up too and is following me around everywhere....like my little shadow. Thats my cute little Tesie! I'm going to miss her when I'm gone.

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