Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I took some pictures of the Tesia Squeeze last night. That little grey strip is the knitted piece I wrote about before. I rubbed some fresh catnip on it last night and you can see the effect it has on her. She couldn't get enough of it! She usually gets all crazed out by the catnip and then ends up crying and running laps around the apartment. She's nuts. So...this is kinda funny. Ok, a while ago, Ryan forced me to watch the Rocky movies. "Forced" is a bad word, and in fact I actually enjoyed them. Anyways, Rocky names his dog in the movie "Buttkiss". I don't know if it is spelled like that or if that is really the dog's name, but that is certainly what it sounds like. Let's just go with it. So... its a well-known fact that Tesie is spoiled ROTTEN. She's a terd sometimes, and she has earned herself another nickname...Tesie-Buttkiss. I think I call her this too often, because she was trying to get my attention by clawing on something other than her CLAWING POST specially designated for filing down her sharp, long nails. And I said, "buttkiss!" and she responded and stopped. HAHA! Well, I thought it was funny. Well...enjoy the pictures of her loving her witching rag. That thing drives her crazy.

AND...(drum-roll) I finished the back of the sweater! I was really good last night. I got home, ran (ok, by ran I mean half-walk half jog. I kept getting really bad side-stitches!), had dinner, cleaned a bit and then finished knitting. I felt so accomplished for how tired I was. I got to bed a little later than I had planned for but it wasn't too late and TOTALLY worth it. And I still made it to my early class this morning. GO ME!! Here is a pic of the back piece. Its not terribly large so I dont know why it took me so long. The hardest parts were learning how to do the increases as you move up into the armpits, and then casting on the sleeves. I'm starting to get pretty fast once all the stitches are there though! The most narrow section is 11" wide and it is 13" top to bottom. Sounds about right for a two year old, right? yay...I'm happy.


Tante San said...

Hey you! Sweater looks great! All is well! I'm looking for a new place to live. I'm probably going to become a Washingtonian! Oooooh! Good thing 'cause Oregonian can't drive worth SHI#!?@ I still haven't put my Oregon plates on my car 'cause I DON'T want to be one of them!

Hope all is well at work! Stick it out, you're almost there!

Luv you a whole bunch!!

Tante San

P.S. Say hey to Ryan!!

GAWms said...

dang san u puttin in the hours eh? maybe talk to ash who's buddy lives up in seattle area or is that too far north?