Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Brooklyn's Birthday!

So baby Brooklyn's birthday has been set. . . February 18th! She is in the upright position, so they have scheduled a C-section. I just found out that I was like that too, then turned and ended up being a week early. Maybe she will also turn and come early, otherwise that is when we can expect to see her! Can't wait.

As another part of her Christmas present, I made 12 burping cloths. These are just Gerber cloth diapers ($8.00 at Walmart), with some fabric bordered by a ribbon sewed onto them. This way, they are obviously burping cloths, and not a diaper! Wouldn't want to get those switched, even if it was washed. yuck. All in all, I'd say these are around $20 for supplies, and then time and love to make. But I think they are really special, and would love to get some cute burping cloths when I eventually welcome a little one . . . or I could just make them for myself.

There are two of each type of print. The ribbons may vary.

These were SO much easier to make than the ones I did for Nolan. For one, the diaper cloths were actually diapers. The ones before were just like, huge cloth squares. I bought the exact same thing. Maybe a lack in quality control? not sure. I had to resize his, which ended up being a lot more work. Erinn loved how they were so big though.

I think I am going to be making these for every person I know that has a baby. They are just that simple, and I think, practical. Question though: I made the fabric and ribbon strips go across the width of the cloth rather than from top to bottom. It seemed to me like you wouldn't want to rub baby's face with some ribbon since it can be a bit coarse. I've been asked why I didn't run these lengthwise. Makes sense to you guys, right?

Some closeups of the prints . . .

I love those dots. They remind me of sherbert ice cream for some reason. Oh how I am longing for some warm spring/summer days right now. We are COLD here. Like 25 degrees lower than our usual for this time of year. I was walking back to lab in sleet/ rain/ hail/ ice / craziness today.

Ugh. I need to pay more attention to my photos! Sorry I was in a hurry. The monkey is upside-down, but it says "little monkey". And the one to the left of it says, "sweet baby, miracle baby". I think all of these prints are super cute. The furthest left is a baby animal with its mommy (zebras, elephants, giraffes, etc.) I got all of the prints at Joann. Hmmm....don't mind the ironing board cover though. yikes. Maybe one of my sisters can make my mom a new one (hint, hint girls!).

The one in the pink has the names and pictures of various animals (horsey, piggie, ducky, etc) including giraffes. Kelly's daughter, Brianna, squealed when she saw them. She loves giraffes.

all folded up and ready to be wrapped up with snuggle bunny!

I sewed these up the day that they were going to be opened (they were coming over for presents that evening). I couldn't have done it without Meryl. She was my pinning hero since the pinning takes the longest. She pinned while I sewed and we finished right on time. I love you Mem . . . you're awesome.

I can't wait for your birthday Brooklyn!

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