Saturday, December 5, 2009

Myla's bunny

Here are some pictures of the bunny I crocheted for Ryan's newest niece, Myla. She was born on Saturday morning. I made it for her while I was up in Stillwater. I had brought some yarn and materials to make the bunny on the drive up on Wednesday, but it just wasn't happening. First the yarn, while really nice (I still had a bunch of bamboo silk left over from Aunt K's hat) it looked kind of plain and since it was lightweight, the bunny was going to turn out being really small. Second, I got really sleepy in the car trying to crochet while Ryan drove, and I needed to be a good passenger and keep him company so I had to put it away. So for the rest of the more bunny making.
I had also brought some other yarn, a skein each of pretty cream and purple and I spent most of the day Saturday (while we were watching football)after Thanksgiving crocheting a hat. I ran out of yarn so I headed over to Hobby Lobby but they didn't have the same brand or colors, but they had TONS of other cute yarn so I grabbed some more to start that bunny again. I NEEDED to leave something with Jenny for Myla because I would be a bad future-aunt if I didn't. So, I proceeded with this project knowing full well that I would have to finish the whole thing before we left the next day. My mind was set and I was going to do it.
I grabbed the yarn and embroidery thread and headed back to the house. I started it at about 7pm and crocheted until 3am during which time I was able to finish the arms, legs and body. Then the next morning as soon as I got up and ate breakfast, I crocheted the ears, attached them to the body and embroidered the eyes, nose and mouth. I worked like a mad womane and even ended up with some blisters on my fingers but it was worth it because she turned out really cute! And the yarn, while already soft, is the type of cotton where you know it's going to get super soft with age, wear and love. I hope Myla likes it. I'm secretly hoping it becomes her "baby"....the one toy that kids cannot go to sleep or leave the house without.

It is about 12" tall, and is made of a variegated cream, light pink, magenta and brown cotton yarn. I'm forgetting what brand it is at the moment...I think it is Bernat cottontots.

I would definitely use this yarn again, it works up very nicely and is really soft.

it really is the perfect baby snuggle bunny

Isn't she cute?

isn't she cuter? her eyes are so big!

Jenny and Myla - you both look great!

Myla - she has the cutest little button nose. She's perfect

I took these last three photos from Jenny's facebook page. =)

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GAWms said...

Cute. How old is Jenny? She looks 18! Is this her first one? Did you make the cute cap?