Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I miss him


He has been gone over a week now. I let him outside for the day last Tuesday and he didn't come back that night. He has stayed out overnight before, perhaps because he was out of earshot and did not hear me calling for him, even though I really don't like it. But he has never been gone this long. I have been looking for him everyday and searched extensively on Sunday. I've also put out ads on Craigslist, gone to the animal shelter and search the ads everyday.
I miss him so much. I miss his squeaky cooing noises whenever I put out wet food or when I am cooking and he comes into the kitchen to beg for a taste. I miss him jumping and climbing on top of everything, as if he has conquered and now owns it, with overwhelming confidence. I miss just watching him, he was a sight. I have never seen any cat like him, he is so beautiful and regal. And boy is he fast. I miss him sitting patiently waiting as I cleaned the litter box and IMMEDIATELY after using it. Maybe he had a thing for super clean litter boxes or that was his way of claiming it. I miss him waiting for me in the window, watching me come down the stairs, then running to greet me with a little meow from his perch (the futon) as I walk through the door. I miss him trying to eat my dinner with me once I've finally gotten to sitting down and eating. He is always relentless and persistent. He likes to be a better wall than a window when I am watching a movie. I miss him helping me make the bed. He always has a fantastic ear for me pulling out the sheets and shaking them to open them up. He would right away jump on the bed underneath them, hiding and playing in his new cave. I miss him needing to sleep with me, and the couple nights before he left, he decided that he liked to share my pillow with me and would sleep next to my head.
There were things that he did too that bothered and annoyed me, which led to me putting him outside, but I miss these parts of him too. Like chewing up my headphones. Shredding up every roll of toilet paper that gets put on the holder thingie. Breaking my butter dish to get to the yummy goods inside. sneaking up on the counters to eat leftover food cooling off in the pans while I eat and watch TV, thus making me get up to find the spray bottle to make him get down and stop (only to repeat the whole process all over again). Knocking over my trash can. Jumping from my dresser to the bed and usually landing on my head. teasing Tesia which makes her mad, grumpy and growly. Ripping open loaves of bread and eating half of it, even though he had food out. I thought he was just too large and bored in my apartment and that he would like it outside better (he really is like a small dog). Maybe that's too true and he just prefers to be outside. I just hope he is ok, even if that means someone else has taken him in and gets to enjoy him.

My house just feels empty without him now. And I am still strongly hoping and praying he finds his way back.

my favorite picture of him

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GAWms said...

Any flyers get out into the neighborhood? I recall you got some into your complex... nevertheless - any news hon?