Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Snip and Press

That's how I spent all of Sunday afternoon, evening and night once I got home from the Wildflower Center. I am making a gift for my cousin Aaron and his fiance, Carmelita. They are getting married this weekend!! Now that the busy-time consuming part is done (see title) I hope the rest will go smoothly. A sneak peek:

The fifteen prints

It took quite a while to get all of my squares cut and neatly pressed. I used my rotary cutter, which was really nice and quick for cutting. . . once I was ready to cut. When I got my machine and supplies last year, I got the small (18" x 12") cutting mat. I'm not really sure what I was thinking besides trying to go easy on the pocketbook, but this made cutting yards of fabric slow and awkward. I actually got up, and left to Joann's to get the big one. Sigh- MUCH BETTER. I was starting to go crazy and get a charlie horse in my back. These were just easy squares, I cannot imagine more intricate designs. This may change with more sewing, but I've found that I love ironing. I have this lavender linen water that I use, so that fabric ends up smelling good, and the squares look so nice and crisp. It just feels so domestic.

a pinwheel of half of my squares

We'll see how this turns out! You can probably get an idea of what I am up to, but I don't think they have to time to be checking out my blog right now. I know family has started arriving in Portland since earlier this week, and I get to leave on Thursday morning(yay!). Anyhow, I stayed up late last night and almost finished assembling the rows. Hopefully tonight I can finish that off and start to make my "sandwhich". I really hope I am not underestimating how much time it will take me to finish this, because I really want to take it out there with me! Tomorrow is a full day too with work and various appointments, and I still need to pack so tonight really counts. I am so glad to be using my machine again. I've missed her.

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