Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I love this girl

Meet Meryl.

She is my goofy, awfully sweet cousin. (the other sillies are Chanelle (sis), Alyssa (cousin) and Ashley (sis), during our escapades in Austin November 2007. The girls came and had turkey day with me). We are an extremely tightly knit family, and have so many good memories with these girls.

I am so proud of her because she is moving to Las Vegas as she is one of the newest members of La Reve at the Wynn!

She is a synchronized swimmer, and will be performing as a swimmer, dancer and doing some of the trapeze/harness work for the show. I am so proud of her! She will be working along side many Olympic athletes. Go Memmy! She told me that during her audition, part of the workshop was to be taken up by the harness ( I think I read somewhere it is close to eighty feet) and she had to let go and fall into the water. She said it took all her strength not to scream her lungs out. She also essentially has a full ride (they are paying her tuition) so she can get her teaching credentials.

The show looks amazing. I am really looking forward to going to Vegas sometime to see her and the show. She is moving there in mid-August, and since she will have to learn all the routines, probably won't actually be in the performance until later. But if you are ever there, you should see the show too!

More of Meryl:

Meryl (left) and Ashley just after our kayaking trip on town lake, Thanksgiving Break 2007

Meryl, me and Alyssa sitting down to eat Thanksgiving Dinner, 2005. (yes, we are in our bathing suits.) We were laying out that day while the turkey was cooking since it was like 80 degrees!

Ingrid (sis), Chanelle, Alyssa, Ashley, Meryl and Me at The Yardhouse, Christmas Break 2008. The Southern Cali Van Delden girls.

Michelle, me, Meryl and Ashley. Pausing during a volleyball game in front of a Jalama Beach sunset. (Beach camping here is a family must every year)

Meryl and me hugging before she had to leave Christmas morning 2007. I only saw her for an hour!

Meryl, me and Alyss in front of the Austin State Capitol last year

Taking the girls to a real football game, November 2006

Ingrid, Chanelle and Meryl with more Jalama fun.

Meryl and Maggie (her duet partner). Look how high Mem gets!

I am so glad that Mem will be closer to family the rest of the family. She's been pretty separated from us while going to school in Alabama, so a four hour drive from Las Vegas definitely beats that! Plus, she has an old swim mate from her synchro club days who is also in the show, and some relatives, including my brother, who go to Vegas fairly often. I am glad she won't be so lonely. Awesome job Mem...I love you.

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