Thursday, May 7, 2009

What I am listening to right now...

Brandon Heath. And in particular, his song "No Not One".
It's a great song, such promise and hope. A reminder that in the midst of all the stress and worry in life, the love of my Heavenly Father is above all of these things, and the only thing that matters! I also need to be a living example of this love to others and not live selfishly.
It is my favorite song from his album, and my sisters introduced me to him.
I also love this song because it is Bella's ringback tone on her phone...whenever I call her, I hear it. And now, whenever I listen to it, I also think of her and all my wonderful family at home whom I miss SO MUCH!
Enjoy! (posted is a link to the song via youtube so you can listen to it)

No better word than from your lips
No perfect life than what you lived
No greater gift, no not one

No brighter star has ever shined
No better hope for all mankind
No higher mind, no not one

No one has ever known
This kind of love you've shown

There has never been a greater love
Than your son
No. Not one
And there'll never be a name above
No, Not one
With his life you have forgiven us
Hope has come
Hope has come
And there will never be a greater love
No, Not one

No image true or sweeter frame
No simple word can match your name
No greater fame
No not one

No one has ever seen
The depth of your majesty


No greater call
You gave us all a reason to live
No greater love
You gave us all a reason to give
No greater life
You gave us all a reason to shine
No greater love
Forever mine

just a taste of majesty

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Bella said...

ahhh!! mi favorita!
I'm glad you like it. his music seriously helped me through some tough times. His music has such truth and gives me peace. A wonderful reminder of God and how amazing he is.
love you nessa. Thanks for the shout out!!
miss you cant wait to see you in a little over a week!!!!
Connecticutt woot woot!

side note: my word verification is -peraise
Praise indeed! thought that was cool