Saturday, April 18, 2009


So, I finally downloaded the pictures off my camera from when I went and saw Mem in San Antonio. Sorry it has taken so long. . . I don't have a computer at home (there isn't really a point to having one running there since I don't have internet), so I have to wait until I have time do this kind of stuff at the lab, and obviously cannot be caught "playing on the computer" during the workday. whew. Anyhow, here are some of the pictures from my time with her. She was swimming her last collegiate finals (both because she is a senior and UAB is no longer continuing their synchro program).
Take a looksie!
Meryl swam three times that day. Trio, then duet and finally team. How exhausting! Plus she was awful sick, so she was a TOTAL trooper. I tried to get some cool action shots of their trio swim but failed. =( My camera was too slow and I kept getting just ripples since their legs were back underwater.

Here is Mem and Maggie, her duet partner waiting to hear their scores after their routine. They were totally ON during their swim, you can tell these girls gel well together, and Maggie is super sweet. She is from Croatia.

Meryl and Maggie's duet scores. 9.7!! Everyone was FLOORED when they came up and the place just erupted in applause (except for the seated section directly left of me. This was where the "home team's" University of the Incarnate Word fans sat. Apparently they are UAB's rival (the UAB team is not sure how this happened) but they were completely obnoxious. Then, these scores came up and they were silent. HAH! They knew their duets would have a hard time beating this. Go Mem and Maggie!!!
This next is a video of their team routine. I recorded it on my camera, so it's not the best quality, but you can still watch it. I missed the last 30 seconds of the swim, but got the best parts, 4/5 lifts. The very first one, about 15 seconds in is Meryl!!! Enjoy.

Meryl right after her swim. You could see her (and most of the team actually) crying as they were exiting the pool to receive their scores. Here, she is sharing a tender moment with two of her old swim buddies from RAQ (Jackie and Hannah, who now are at The Ohio State University).

The whole team and Coach. You can still see some sad faces.

Awards time. Mem and Maggie got 4th place for their duet! (Take that UIW.) Ohio State A and B teams usually duke it out with Stanford for the one, two and three spots. (Maggie is waving here and Mem is next to her)

Here, the All-American girls. . . Meryl made it!! Receiving her medal here. She is one of the five to ever come out of UAB. Maggie made honorable mention. Sorry for poor lighting. =(

An RAQ reunion. I seriously felt like I was at one of those shows. Sue Nesbitt was there watching Barb (OSU) swim. There were also other alumni there from RAQ as well as the girls that were compet. Meghan Kinney (back row, defense shirt) went to Beijing this year.

Meryl and I after it was all over!!


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