Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Guy stuff and activities

Ryan went home to Oklahoma this past weekend to see his family. It was a good break for him, especially since last Monday was his departmental seminar and this semester has been particularly hairy. He had a really good time there and was given an early birthday present from his brother Chris....a shotgun. His brother also has a skeet pull so they went skeet shooting all weekend. He LOVES it. They were shooting so much, he came back with some bruising on his shoulder. There is a skeet club in town, and I think he wants to take me this weekend. Should be interesting. This post is particularly for the men in my family....maybe a hunting trip for the fall/winter break should be in order soon? He's never been hunting before, and is itching to go. Dad, Ben, you guys haven't been in a while would be good for some male bonding time! Just a thought. =)


GAWms said...

:-) Yea. It's all about time and money honey. Let's pray they rise, converge and solidify!

Vanessa Monet said...

oh I know it is! I was just posting because now he has part of the basics to be able to go on a trip like that...ever since I told him that you guys go on hunting trips (albeit not as often now as before) he has been itching to come along. He is still saving up for other essentials (gun case, rifle barrel attachment for long range shooting, scope, and other stuff I am sure)...and all those take money! Maybe I can get one of those things as a bday present for him. At least he can go target shooting now and get used to using the gun and all the good stuff. =D

I hear you've been doing awesome with your deals though! At least something is coming in. He always provides what we need. Love you!!