Friday, January 9, 2009

More Austin wildlife

Most of you know that I have a big greenbelt behind my apartment. I love this since my balcony does not overlook the parking lot or pool, or more apt. buildings, and it is really private and pretty. There is a pretty big gulch....with lots of trees and a "crick" (as Ryan would say in the middle. Ryan and I went exploring down there one was so funny to watch him running through the trees and whacking things with the little kid he is at heart. We found some sort of skeleton/bones once. Since I do have the "wild" as my backyard....I do have encounters with Austin wildlife. I had an earlier post about all my little birdie friends that I love to watch. I also posted about the "armadiller" I caught on film one night while coming hom from school. Also, almost every night in the fall and winter, I hear a pack of coyotes doing their screeching/howling business right outside in the back. It's pretty creepy, and always scares the begeebies out of Tesie....quickly sending her under my bed. But Austin is also "hill country" and we have deer here too. Alot actually. Oftentimes you will see them while driving in the neighborhoods, or even on runs....I'll see a looming shadow/form up ahead and it will be a deer. Hah, it's kind of awkward sometimes because I think they are a bit used to people, and they will just stand there looking at you...and both parties stand there frozen until one (usually the deer) eventually walks away. But I have not seen any deer below my balcony until now! I saw this pretty buck the other day...though he was more towards the bottom of the hill. I tried coaxing him upwards with bits of apple and baby carrots. He didn't come up very close....but he was still really nice to look at!

Hello there, Mr. Deer.

I hope you appreciated that honeycrisp apple and baby carrots!

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