Thursday, January 8, 2009

Absolutely spoiled

This is the little love of my life....Tesia. I cannot even begin to describe how spoiled she is. Here, she is enjoying a fire I made in my fireplace the night I was packing to leave for California. It was pretty chilly that night, and I thought I fire would be nice and get me into the Christmas spirit. Usually Tesia is afraid of the fire....she doesn't like the crackling sounds, or the roar of the flames (usually because I am using some old box to get it going, so its quite intense). But that night was different story. I guess its because I had given her some tuna while it was burning (you can see her little food dish in front of the fireplace), and she was eating it while the fire was going. I think thats when she realized the heat it gave off was a good thing, because right after she finished eating, she planted her little toosh right there and stretched out just like that. Even later, when the fire was dying down, and I had to bring in some more logs to put on, she would not move and made me awkwardly position myself to refuel the fire. She gave me this look that said, "Hey lady, I'm not moving, so make it work." It's like, "sorry! please don't let me disturb you!" Sheesh.
I swear she is a human trapped in a cat's body.
I guess Santa thought she was good this year because when I came back from CA, there was a new little cat bed for her and a remote-controlled catnip mouse. She loves chasing it. Thanks Ryan!


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That pretty much sums it up perfectly!!

Lisa said...

OK . . . we have the same cat bowls. This is getting weird.