Thursday, January 15, 2009


Ok, maybe my mom or Ashley will be able to recognize the movie line I based my title off of. Anywho....I cut, no chopped my hair off. I have been wanting to do something different with it....I love the length and its layered prettiness, but I have had long hair for so long I was looking for a change. And not the short little bobs that is so common, but something more collar-bone length. Like Gwynnie. I wasn't sure if I was ready to part ways with my hair, until I heard a local spa was doing a Locks of Love hair drive, and cutting hair for $20. That's when I decided I would do it.
I told the stylist that I wanted the front collarbone length and go slightly shorter in the back keep it interesting (I even brought four different pics of Gwyns from different angles so that she could see what I wanted). But I didn't want anything too dramatic. Shouldn't be too hard to achieve, right? Well, my hair is short. Much shorter than I was going for. She started in the back, and then she was going to angle the front once the back was done. I knew I was in trouble when she snipped off my ponytails (the gathered hair for LOL)...she cut them way too close to my neck. Once that was done, I knew it was just going to look too weird for the front to reach all the way to my collarbone. And it just kept getting shorter and shorter as she was evening out the front. I can't even put it up in a ponytail. But It looks ok...I am just not used to it, and have gotten compliments on it so far. It is a little blunter than I would like....maybe it just needs to grow on me. Oh well. Hair is hair....and mine grows really fast. And someone who really needs hair is going to hopefully get a nice wig from mine.
I am looking forward to playing with it though....pinning it up in cute ways, curling it, etc. I can still use the pretty clips my brother got me, so that is good! Ok, I bet you are all wondering what it looks like. (please forgive the bathroom photo! I needed the mirror so you could see the back.)

My hair, now 15 inches shorter!


Ashley Williams said...

i like it!! its really cute. And itll look even more cute when you can give it some volume and curls..really cute. I was nervous for you but i like!

Bella said...

ahhhhh i could die..its adorable