Friday, January 16, 2009

All about Tesia

It's been a slow week. I haven't had alot of time to do much outside of work. So here is a post all about my little diva Tesia... I mean, come on, what is NOT about Tesia? This is what I think a normal Tesie-cat routine is (based on things I have seen her do during the day on days off, or physical evidence when I come home).

~ 7:30 - 8am: Jump on mom and lick her face to make her get out of bed. Keep jumping on mom until she gets up. Cry and follow her around until she leaves for work.
During the day: Watch the birds on the bird feeder. Sleep. Eat. Play with my catnip toys. Run around and hide in the cupboards. Sleep on mom's bed. Sleep in my bed. Watch some more birds. Hunt the squirrels that terrorize mom's balcony. Eat. Do laps around the apartment. Tear up the tissue box and shred it all. Chew on mom's tulips. Sleep some more and wait to hear mom coming down the stairs.
When I hear mom: Run to the front door and greet her. Stretch myself out right in front of her feet and stick out my belly...because who wouldn't want to rub it?
At night: beg mom when she is in the kitchen....especially when I hear a can opener. get high on some catnip. Run off my high by doing laps around the couch, into moms room, into the bathroom and into the tub making sure i rustle the shower curtains really loud and then back around the couch again all while making crazy meowing noises. (mom calls this my witching hour). sharpen my claws on the couch to get mom's attention, even though I have a special clawing post she bought me, sit on mom's lap if she decides to watch a movie. play with the curtains.
Bed time: curl up next to mom.
Sigh....the life of a cat. Sounds nice doesn't it?

Miss Tesia "kneading" herself a spot on her little bed.

All soft and comfortable
(I was enjoying a fire the previous night, which is why that red blanket is on the ground)

I did get a job as a tutor though. A mom found me on the UT tutor list and asked me if I could help her high school daughter with chemistry. It is only for about a hour and a half a week and they are really close to campus, so it will be nice to make a little bit extra money!

Happy Friday!

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Bella said...

your cat cracks me up...
i especially like that this is written through tesies view. good job, mom ;)