Monday, October 13, 2008

Meesah make Miso

Ok, so that was a bad impression of Jar Jar Binks. Does anyone even remember that guy? I am not sure why I did...I am not even a big Star Wars fan. Anywho, I made miso soup last night. Let me tell ya, it was DELISH!! It tasted just like the soup at the sushi restaurant, and it was pennies, PENNIES! to make. certainly not the $2.00 for each small but very savory cup they give you. Miso soup is so stinking good. I wish my mom, dad and sisters were here to have some. I know they'd love it. I think I could live off of it (or at least variations of it). It's the perfect sitting-on-the-couch-with-a-cup-in-your-hand-and-cat-in-your-lap-
with-fire-in-the-fireplace-and-favorite-movie-on-a-cold-rainy-day soup. do those exist in Austin? but seriously. I am glad I know how to make it, and now I can play around with the recipe. You could totally throw in shiitake mushrooms, or shrimp, or bok choy....anything! The broth is so flavorful too...I am thinking it would be a great base for other types of soups. Maybe I can get a good wonton soup added to my cooking resume. =)
I found the basic recipe online and ran off to MT supermarket to get supplies. I needed dashi, a bouillion made from bonito (fish) and kelp for the broth. Miso paste for the flavoring, tofu and green onions (I just got them there since I was currently out). Then, you boil a certain amount of water with the dashi. Whisk in the miso paste once it is boiling (this REALLY is where the flavor kicks in) and add the tofu and green onions to simmer. enjoy! I have alot of extras...actually enough to last me through half the week. And the whole pot was probably...hmmm, I'd say, six bucks to make. if that.

Also some other things I found at the asian market....krupuk. These are shrimp chips that you can get "pre-puffed." You fry them in oil and they poof up. It is quite fun to watch. They also come small, so that when they are puffed, they are the size of a normal chip, or big, where they can get to be the size of your hand. I know shrimp chips may sound a bit gross to my american audience, but its the Indonesian in me. I just have really fond memories of when I was about 4, and Oma ("grandmother" in Dutch, my mom's mom) cooking me some of these chips when I came over to visit her. I have only seen the white chips now, but back then there were colored ones. And she would ask me what color I wanted and I would say "pink" and she would fry me up a pink one. And while I was eating it, she'd ask me which one I wanted next, and then fry up a purple or blue one. It was fun, I got a kick out of it, and it is something I will always remember. Maybe that is another reason I think those things taste so good. Anyways, I found some at the market, so mom doesn't have to send them to me anymore. Thanks mom!
Also, mochi ice cream. yummy. Mochi ice cream is a little ball of ice cream surrounded by a flour pastry ( I think its tapioca) so it is kinda gooey on the outside. And since they are a small little ball...portion control. haha. they are the perfect little treat. So I got some in mango (my fave) and strawberry.
I'm hungry.
Back to work so I can go home and eat dinner!!!

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